Barry fundraising supports victims of human trafficking in Nepal

Barry fundraising supports victims of human trafficking in Nepal

Barry University’s School of Social Work recently received special thanks from the humanitarian aid organization Shakti Samuha for their part in preventing human trafficking after the devastating Gorkha earthquake struck Nepal in March, 2015.

Following the April 29 quake, the School of Social Work was among the first organizations to mobilize for assistance. The School of Social Work partnered with Shakti Samuha, the first worldwide anti-trafficking organization, in an attempt to help prevent human trafficking in the region. SSW faculty and staff made a direct appeal to the Barry community in an effort to raise money.

Survivors of catastrophic events are frequently left marginalized lacking a family or a community to return to. Often finding themselves without a home or money, survivors become targets for human traffickers. Through group mobilization and awareness, Shakti Samuha creates intervention programing which aids victims reintegrate into society in an effort to minimize the risk of violence and trafficking.

The money raised by Barry University went to directly support 9 victims if the earthquake from the six hardest hit regions of Nepal. The victims were provided NRS $10,000 to purchase emergency needs. In all, Shakti Samuha provided support to more than 1,600 individuals and families in Nepal.

For more information on Shakti Samuha and how you can assist, visit their website at: