Translating Trauma-Informed Care Into Practice Certificate Program

Trauma-Informed Care Training and Consultation

Barry University School of Social Work is offering a 4-day post-masters training that prepares professional helpers to deliver trauma-informed services in a variety of settings with a range of problems and populations. Using SAMSHA's principles of trauma-informed care (TIC), the program helps participants refine skills of conceptualizing cases through the lens of trauma, translating TIC principles into practice, and creating trauma-informed culture and practice that is safe, collaborative, empowering, and healing.

Module 1: Defining Trauma-Informed Care, Neurobiology of Trauma, & TIC Framework

Module 2: Conceptualizing Cases through the trauma lens, Trauma-specific vs. Trauma-Informed

Module 3: Translating TIC into Practice, Avoiding re-traumatization in the helping relationship

Module 4: Building a Trauma-Informed Workplace

Program Overview

2020 Schedule & Pricing

  • Module 1 & 2– Thursday, March 19th – Friday, March 20th
  • Module 3 & 4 - Thursday, March 26th - Friday, March 27th
  • Complete Certificate Program - $399

Discounts Available

  • Discounted rate of $350 per person for Barry University alumni and Field Educators and Advisors.
  • Discounted rate of $350 per person for group registrations of 5 or more.


  • 22 hrs of CEUs (TIC Certification provided after completion of 22 hrs classroom + 3 hours of online supervision -- dates and times in online forum- TBA)


Barry University Miami Shores Campus

Lunch included!

Registration is closed

Certificate Program Reviews

"This training was by far the Best that I have attended with the focus being Trauma Informed Care. This training really defined how every individual of an agency can be part of delivering Trauma Informed care. I look forwarded to sharing all that I learned to my fellow colleagues."

- Tyrina Pinkney

"Due to the prevalence of trauma and trauma related issues, I decided to attend the Trauma Informed Care training presented at Barry. It was enlightening to learn about current trends, the prevalence in our society, and the long lasting physical and mental health negative effects of trauma. The training was informative and the attendance of such a variety of professionals in different fields, made this training a must attend for all who work in the helping professions. I was able to walk away with refreshed updated knowledge and great ideas to apply to my organization."

-Daniela Riccelli

"I would like to express my appreciation for Barry University, Professor Levenson, and the post-graduate certificate program for allowing me to gain considerable knowledge in the field of Trauma Informed Care. I have learned to look at behavior through the lens of trauma and have a different insight on my approach. I have also learned how devastating trauma is, and how it affects us from childhood to adulthood if untreated. I now have the ability to recognize symptoms and locate informed research, data, and best practices to further my knowledge. Every organization that serves the public should know the importance of implementing Trauma-Informed strategies; it is in the best interest of the community. It gives us the chance to understand the lifelong pain and daily disruptions trauma plays through generations of individuals. Using and having different treatment modalities in a toolkit is a considerable advantage for clinicians because one particular modality may not work for some individuals. It gives practitioners the flexibility to serve many unique individuals in a Trauma Informed service delivery System. These modalities were taught with confidence, knowledge, and experience, and made so many aspects clear. This training created a sense of gratitude within me to be a part of Barry University’s family of change. Barry University truly sets the standards!!!!!"

-Rand Graham, MPA