Traditional In-Person Registration Procedures & Calendar

Procedures to Register

  1. Meet and secure the appropriate signature based on your student status:
    Student StatusRequires signature from:
    Degree-seekingAssigned academic advisor
    Non-degree seeking GuestAdvisor in the school of intended enrollment
    Teacher Certification

    Dean of School
    Dean, Arts & Sciences
    Dean, School of Education
  2. Secure Cashier/Business Office approval to register - Farrell Hall 110
  3. Take your registration form to the Office of the Registrar - Adrian Hall 110
  4. Make financial arrangements with Cashier/Business Office - Farrell Hall 110

Registration On Campus Open To All Students

March 12, 2014 through August 25, 20148:30Am-5:00Pm (Exclusive of weekends and Holidays)


Wednesday, August 20thAndreas 1118:30AM-5:00PM
Thursday, August 21stAndreas 1118:30AM-5:00PM
Friday, August 22ndAndreas 1118:30 AM-5:00PM

Schedule Adjustments And Late Registration ($100.00 Late Registration Fee Applies)

Monday, August 25thAndreas 1108:30AM-6:00PM
Tuesday, August 26thAndreas 1108:30AM-5:00PM
Wednesday, August 27thAndreas 1108:30 AM-5:00PM

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