Curriculum: Laboratory Management Specialization

The curriculum is reflective of a program of graduate study that provides for intense and analytic exploration of laboratory and clinical science, professional practice, technological applications and research methodology. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills that prepare them for a leadership position in health sciences, research and industry.

Core Curriculum:

  • BMS/BIOE 505A Biotechnology I
  • BMS/BIOE 505B Biotechnology II
  • BMS/BIOE 510 Pathophysiology
  • HSA 530 Health Law and Ethics
  • HSA 535 Applied Biostatistics
  • HSA 620 Health Care Budgeting and Finance
  • HSA 667 Health Care Leadership
  • BIOE 671 Capstone Project
  • BMS/BIOE 648 Epidemiology

Electives (select one):

  • HSA 525 Health Care Policy
  • HSA 690 Health Care Strategic Planning
  • HSA 650 Research Applications in Health Services

Electives (select two)

  • BMS/BIOE 537 Human Genetics
  • BMS/BIOE 555 Immunology
  • BMS/BIOE 623 Medical Microbiology
  • BMS/BIOE 527 Biochemistry I
  • BMS/BIOE 528 Biochemistry II
  • BMS/BIOE 644 Cancer Biology

15-month program for fulltime students. Upon completion students receive a master’s degree in Clinical Biology

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