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Core Coursework

BIO 104 Biological Foundations (3 s.h.)
BIO 104LBiological Foundations Lab(1 s.h.)
BIO 105Biomedical Terminology(1 s.h.)
BIO 220Introductory Human Anatomy(3 s.h.)
BIO 220LIntroductory Human Anatomy Lab(1 s.h.)
BIO 240Introduction to Human Physiology (4 s.h.)
BIO 240L Introduction to Human Physiology Lab(1 s.h.)
BIO 253Introduction  to Microbiology

(3 s.h.)

BIO 253LMicrobiology Lab

(1 s.h.)

CHE 111General Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis  (3 s.h.)
CHE 111LGeneral Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis  Lab (1 s.h.)
CHE 152Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry(3 s.h.)
CHE 152L Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry Lab(1 s.h.)
MAT 109Pre-calculus Mathematics I(3 s.h.)
MAT 152Elementary Probability and Statistics (3 s.h.)
PHY 151Introductory Physics(3 s.h.)
PHY 151LIntroductory Physics Lab (1 s.h.)
CS 180Introduction to Computers(3 s.h.)
(General distribution (100 and 200 level)(21 s.h.)

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