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About Our Partnership

The Community Learning Partnership of Greater Miami Shores (CLP) was established in 2008 by leaders from local businesses, organizations, and public and private educational institutions who seek to serve as a catalyst for civic engagement and quality education that benefits and strengthens relationships in our community.

The CLP’s purpose is to provide a forum for sharing community, school, and university educational resources and opportunities that support three program components: Student Leadership Development, Teacher Professional Development, and Community Engagement.


  • Provide a forum for sharing community, school and university educational opportunities/events in an effort to support each other’s activities, partner where possible and highlight what each institution is offering
  • Minimize barriers between students, faculty and staff: culturally, socioeconomically, geographically, ethnically, etc. through programmatic activities
  • Reduce costs and duplication of effort given the revenue issues that many of our private and public schools are facing
  • Enhance educational opportunities for all and reach out to underserved populations
  • Create shared experiences that help strengthen a sense of community engagement among all our members: students, teachers, parents, business leaders, and other members of the community

Program Components

Three Program Components have been identified based on stated community, school, and organizational interests.

1) Student Leadership Development

Annual topics are explored through interactive, student led projects and community conversations designed to enhance critical thinking skills and expand perspectives through greater civic engagement and service.

2) Teacher Professional Development

Teaching excellence is enhanced for all CLP teachers, faculty, staff and administrators through partnering to reduce costs, expanding offerings, and sharing training opportunities.

3) Community Engagement

Personal and social responsibility is fostered among all school, university, and community members through collaborative projects and speakers that positively impact and transform our neighborhoods and local community.