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In its fifth year, the CLP kicked off the 2012-2013 academic year with plans for student leadership and teacher professional development. Student Leaders will focus on developing a service project for the fall and spring semesters. The Teacher Professional Development Committee has been planning the February 2013 Conference, At the Heart of 21st Century Learning which will focus on the development of the “Whole Educator.” The conference will provide an atmosphere where public, independent, parochial, and private school educators can discuss critical issues facing 21st century educators. Sessions will be led by CLP teachers, financial advisors, health care professionals, technologists, wellness providers, community leaders, etc. who will change, encourage, inspire and motivate the “Whole Educator” in each one of us! The conference will be held at Miami Country Day School.

    • September 2012: 35 student leaders from CLP Partnership schools attended the first student leader meeting of the year at Archbishop Curley Notre Dame Prep. CLP teachers led conversations with the students to assist them in choosing a service project for the year. The student’s top choices were visiting a nursing home or a children’s hospital and finding a sustainability project for the spring.
    • October 2012: Miami Country Day School hosted the second student leader meeting on October 18th. Students narrowed down their ideas to travel to the nursing home with the assistance of CLP teachers and the Vista volunteer from the DePorres Center for Community Service at Barry University. Students decided they wanted to make arts and crafts with the residents of the nursing home.
    • November 2012: On November 8th, 30 CLP students from Archbishop Curley Notre Dame Prep, Barry University, Cushman, Doctors Charter, Horace Mann, and Miami Country Day School visited Pines Nursing Home in North Miami and spent an hour and a half with the residents making thanksgiving arts and crafts. After their service experience, students engaged in a reflection activity.
    • November 2012: On November 13th, 30 students from Archbishop Curley Notre Dame Prep attended the 2012 Founders’ Week Distinguished Lecture and Roundtable Discussion at Barry University. The students also had a chance to tour the campus and ask questions to representatives from Barry University Admissions.


In its fourth year, the CLP demonstrated significant results related to outreach efforts to local K-12 private, public, and Catholic schools with several community organizations. The CLP kicked off the 2011-2012 academic year with a steering committee meeting that was held on August 25, 2011 to review the CLP’s charge for the 2011-2012 academic year, as well as to finalize the keynote speaker for the spring.  Digital Citizenship was chosen as the theme for the year and CLP Student Leader Meetings and Community Conversations focused on that topic.  The 2013 Teacher Professional Development Conference is currently in the planning stages.

    • September 2011: A Student Leader Meeting was held at Barry University with 60 students, faculty, staff, and administrators that encouraged leadership development through learning how to facilitate ice breakers and team building activities, increased knowledge of digital citizenship and netiquette through various presentations, and enhanced students public speaking skills by allowing them to lead the conversations with their peers.
    • October 2011: Student Leader Meeting was held at Doctors Charter School with 30 students, faculty, staff, and administrators that encouraged knowledge regarding the dangers of illegal music downloading and increasing skills related to networking, leadership, teambuilding, and public speaking. Students also learned the importance of ethical reasoning and action while thinking about their technologically rich lives. 
    • October 2011: The Community Learning Partnership of Greater Miami Shores and Barry University received the Campus Community Partnership Award at the Florida Campus Compact 2011 Awards Gala. This award recognizes one outstanding campus-community partnership that produces measurable improvements in people’s lives while enhancing higher education.
    • November 2011: Miami Country Day School welcomed over 300 students, faculty, staff, and administrators for the first Community Conversation of the year with topics ranging from the positive and negative attributes of internet access and social networking, netiquette, and internet safety. After the large group presentation, 35 student leaders from partnership schools had a breakout session in order to come with topics and questions for the February 2012 Community Conversation with Wisdom 2.0 Author, Soren Gordhamer. 
    • January 2012: Student Leader Meeting held at the Cushman School related to digital citizenship
    • February 2012: On February 6, 2012, Archbishop Curley Notre Dame Prep and the CLP welcomed over 75 community members and parents for a reception and presentation with Soren Gordhamer. On February 7, 2012, Barry and the CLP welcomed over 550 students, teachers, administrators, and community members to Barry to hear a keynote presentation by Wisdom 2.0 author Soren Gordhamer. A reflective session was moderated by Curley and Barry Alumna Helen Aguirre
    • March 2012: Student Leader Meeting was held at Archbishop Curley Notre Dame Prep and focused on selecting the service projects for next year.
    • May 2012: Eight CLP students were honored by the Miami Shores Chamber at a breakfast on May 9th at the Miami Shores Country Club. CLP Steering Committee members, school administrators, teachers, and parents were in attendance.


Given the positive response to the theme of citizenship, this year’s theme furthered discussions on “Becoming an Engaged Citizen.” Activities and events planned included: a “Community Reader” to further explore this topic, Barry University’s Fall Conference entitled “Soulful Citizenship: Pursuing Social Justice through Collaborative Partnerships,” Community Conversations and keynote speakers. New this year, a Teacher Professional Development Conference titled, At the Heart of 21st Century Learning, was held on February 18th, 2011 at Barry University featuring Keynote Speaker Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Drive.

    • September 2010: Student Leader Meeting at The Cushman School with 21 students, encouraged leadership development by engaging in team building activities, global awareness discussions and a brain storming kick-off event.
    • October 2010: CLP is the recipient of the 2010 Florida Campus Compact Graham-Frey Civic Award.
    • October 2010: Common Community Reader Book Discussion/Wine & Cheese Reception held on the book Soul of a Citizen at the Brockway Memorial Library. Discussion was moderated by Barry faculty member Dr. Sean Forman with approximately 30 community members in attendance.
    • October 2010: Keynote Address by Paul Loeb with CLP schools and 125 students in attendance (CLP participants from Cushman, Edison and Doctors)
    • October 2010: CLP Ice Cream Social, Community Conversation #1, and breakout session with Speaker Paul Loeb (11 student leaders in attendance from CLP schools)
    • November 2010: Student Leader Meeting at Miami Country Day School with 21 students, encouraged leadership development by focusing on local & global community service opportunities for our cooperative service learning project to be launched in the Spring of 2011.
    • December 2010: Doctors Charter School, as part of a CLP initiative, sent 44 cards to our service men and woman as part of the Holiday Cards for Heroes Program.
    • January 2011: Student Leader Meeting at Barry University with 17 students encouraged leadership development by interacting in activities with university students as well as making important decisions on an upcoming community service project with the Little Haiti Optimist Club. Students created a new motto for their service endeavors, “Reach 1 + Teach 1 = Change ∞ All”
    • February 2011: The CLP held its first Teacher Professional Development conference “At the Heart of 21st Learning” with 900 parents, teachers and community members on the campus of Barry University. Approximately 325 K-12, public and private school teachers participated in 35 professional development workshops during the afternoon.
    • February 2011: Community Conversation at Archbishop Curley Notre Dame High School, presentation by Carle Juste, Miami Herald award-winning photojournalist on his experiences in Haiti and insights into what we, as students and teachers can do to help Haitians both in the U.S. and in Haiti.
    • May 2011: CLP awarded $750.00 grant by Miami Shores Mayor’s Task Force.


Given the growing emphasis on community and citizenship in our country and in the state of Florida, the topic of "Fostering Citizenship in a Global World" was selected as the 2009-2010 theme. To highlight this topic, the CLP offered Community Conversations geared toward character building activities, civic literacy and community engagement. Keynote speakers who embody and model different aspects of citizenship were a part of this year’s programming. The greater South Florida community was invited.

    • September 2009: Community Conversation/Ice Cream Social hosted by Barry University on “What does it mean to be a citizen?” 90 students and teachers from CLP schools participated
    • October 2009: Ending Poverty: The Challenge of our Generation Conference at Barry University attended by CLP students from Archbishop Curley.
    • December 2009: Former US Senator Bob Graham discussed citizenship at a breakfast conversation with 70 CLP students/teachers and at a lecture with 650 students, teachers, and community members held at Barry University’s Broad Auditorium.
    • January 2010: Community Conversation hosted by The Cushman School used a “mock city council” format with real members of two local municipalities to highlight the tough decisions that must be made around budgeting for all citizens; 40 students, teachers, faculty and administrators from CLP schools participated.
    • March 2010: The CLP highlighted all Haiti Relief efforts from local schools at Miami Shores’ Annual Unity Day event. Over 100 community members visited the booth and learned more about CLP efforts; 15 CLP students, teachers, faculty and administrators staffed the booth.
    • March 2010: Community Conversation hosted by Miami Country Day School engaged students on Global Citizenship and World Religions with special guest Dr. Nathan Katz, Professor and Chairperson of Religious Studies at Florida International University. A school-wide assembly was attended by over 700 students, teachers, faculty and administrators of CLP schools. Following the assembly, over 60 CLP students took part in breakout sessions designed to engage them in building an inclusive community and tearing down stereotypes on world religions.
    • April 2010: Archbishop Curley Notre-Dame High School hosted a Community Conversation with special guest speaker Edgard J. Pierre, Archbishop Curley Notre Dame graduate, board certified Anesthesiologist and Critical Care doctor, and President of Edgard J. Pierre Foundation for Children Orphanage in Haiti. The community conversation touched upon global citizenship, empathy, and giving back specifically focusing on the tragedy in Haiti.
    • May 2010: CLP awarded $500.00 grant by Miami Shores Mayor’s Task Force


Based on the initiatives of all partnership schools, the topic of "Creating an inclusive community through understanding our differences and celebrating our diversity" was selected as the 2008-2009 theme. To highlight this topic, three Community Conversations were hosted by partnership organizations and schools on this topic. A keynote presentation on celebrating diversity was held to culminate these discussions in our community by Coach Boone and Coach Yoast from Disney’s “Remember the Titans”. The greater Miami Shores and Miami Dade County community were invited.

    • November 2008: Initial Community Conversation on Diversity hosted by Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce – 51 students from CLP schools participated.
    • December 2008: Second Community Conversation on Diversity hosted by Miami Country Day School –45 students participated.
    • December 2008: Doctors Charter School awarded $87,312.00 Safe Routes to School Grant.
    • January 2009: Third Community Conversation on Diversity hosted by The Cushman School. 40 students attended.
    • January 2009: "Remember the Titans" Presentation: Diversity Dialogue with Coach Herman Boone and Coach Bill Yoast, the real-life coaches from the movie and pizza party hosted by Doctors Charter School. The Coaches’ keynote address/presentation was attended by 1500 CLP students, parents, faculty, teachers, and administrators as well as Barry students and local community members.
    • February 2009: WPBT creates internship opportunity for local 12th grade students.
    • April 2009: CLP awarded “Most Community Based Content” from WPBT uVu
    • April 2009: Fourth Community Conversation on Diversity hosted by Barry University. 45 faculty, staff and students participated.
    • May 2009: Professional Development survey administered to all CLP schools
    • May 2009: CLP awarded $500.00 grant by Miami Shores Mayor’s Task Force