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What students are saying about the CLP…

“We hope our involvement in these community service projects will allow us to become better citizens.”

~Roarke Dooney, 8th grader, The Cushman School

 “I was glad to be a part of the CLP. It helped me see what I am going to be doing as a new employee for QIP. Mike did such a great job facilitating. I hope someday I will be taking his role and doing as great as he did.  I learned a lot of new things. For instance, what it means to be a citizens. I always loved to do community service and to be civil, but I didn’t know that that made me a good citizen. I loved the activities and how the meeting was organized. They took something that could have been a long boring lecture, and made it into a few fun activities. It not only kept the audience entertained, but also helped them learn lots of new things. I would love to be a part of CLP again so that I can get a better understanding of what it is to be a QIP employee and to be active member of my community.”

~Kiaribel Cabrera, Barry University student

“Being part of Community Learning Partnership has meant a lot to me. It's great that the Mission of Barry University is put into practice though. Often we as students are told by our professors and everyone else how we should live our lives, but to see it in practice that has a greater impact to me. It's also good that the students from the schools see Barry students who are making a difference not just here at Barry but also outside the community, because it gives them something to aim for. Taking part in the CLP was a great experience for me. I never thought that I'd get an opportunity to meet Coach Boone and Coach Yoast. It was a great experience to hear their stories of all the struggles they went through during the civil rights movement. It's one thing to read about it in a book, but when you actually meet people who went through it, who experienced it firsthand that had a HUGE IMPACT on me, and made me think how I take their sacrifices and everyone else’s sacrifices for granted during that period of time. It was also great to talk about diversity with the younger students, although it's a sensitive subject sometimes we do need to step outside our comfort zones and talk about difficult things and to express our feelings.
Working this year again with CLP I hope I'm able to make connections with the students participating. I hope they can see by my example that citizenship doesn't have to be something that gets them on the news, or statue, monument named after them. That's it's something that everyday people can practice and be good at. Whether it's recycling your one plastic empty water bottle every day, that goes a long way and has a greater impact on the big picture if though at the time it seems like such a small deed. I'm looking forward to meeting Senator Bob Graham and hearing his take on what Citizenship is.”

~Michael Arnim-Elroy Chin, Barry University graduate Class of 2011 and former Student Government Association President

What teachers and faculty are saying about the CLP…

“The Community learning Partnership of Greater Miami Shores is a valuable resource to the community.   Public and private elementary, middle, and schools in the Miami Shores community and Barry University are meeting together and have partnered to offer professional development opportunities for teachers and learning opportunities for students.  I have tremendously enjoyed working with the teachers and principals on the professional development opportunities.  I also have enjoyed attending the student initiatives, such as the kick-off event this year regarding citizenship with Dr. Sean Foreman.  Students from many schools had the opportunity to visit a college campus and to meet and work with students from other schools at this event.   They also had the opportunity to work with Barry University students, who gave them an idea of what a college education involves.  The enthusiasm of the students was evident, and I was impressed by their knowledge of government and citizenship.  Partnerships such as the CLP bring our communities together, and positively impact many members of our community.”

~Marilyn Jenkins, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Academic Coordinator of Human Resources and Financial Planning, Barry University School of Adult and Continuing Education

 “I was thrilled to see how excited and enthusiastic young people are to talk about citizenship. Many of these students are already very active in their schools and in their communities. In some ways we were ‘preaching to the choir’ as these youngsters have formed good habits and are becoming productive members of society. My hope is that they will ‘spread the word’ and tell their friends and families about how they too can be active and civil citizens.  The CLP is a great opportunity for students to share their common experiences and to explore new ideas with their peers from neighboring schools. The middle and high school students can learn from the college students and in turn I know that the college students learn from their interactions with the younger students. These types of exchanges are enriching for everyone involved. As you see concepts from a different perspective it helps you to grow and to expand your own horizons while at the same time opening up a new world of ideas to others.”

~ Dr. Sean Foreman, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Barry University College of Arts & Sciences

“Remember the Titans the CLP diversity initiative fit seamlessly into the social studies and English components of our middle school curriculum. At Cushman middle school social studies has a spiraling curriculum. One year we focus on the United States and the next year Modern World: Latin America. Last year was a Latin America social studies year, so the CLP Remember the Titans diversity initiative was an excellent way to revisit some of the ideas we introduced in social studies the previous year when students learned about the civil rights movement. The initiative also gave students the opportunity to see how diversity issues introduced in English class in their study of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird are still relevant today. The character education curriculum that has been part of our school’s tradition also incorporated elements dealing with diversity issues.”

 “Senator Bob Graham In social studies our focus this year is on United States history and civics, so we will be using the plan described in the Senator Graham's book for students to learn and develop their own service learning projects. As students learn about historic figures who acted to improve the lives of others during the Reform and Progressive eras, they will identify how these individuals:  defined the problem, gathered information, identified who can fix the problem, built public support for their cause, persuaded the decision maker, timed their initiative, used or created coalitions for success, used the media and other resources to support their initiative, and preserved victory or persevered after defeat. After learning about how individuals in U.S. history acted as a catalyst for change, students will then identify something they would like to change in their community and try to follow the plan laid by Senator Graham by writing a persuasive letter to a decision maker and creating a public awareness campaign. I am really looking forward to seeing the students' ideas and projects come to fruition.”

Glennda Sands, Middle School teacher at The Cushman School

What members of our local community are saying about the CLP…

“It’s never too young to learn and to know that you can make a difference.  We need people who are interested and take responsibility.”

~Herta Holly, former Mayor and Councilwoman of Miami Shores, FL

“I love being a part of a community initiative that's main purpose is to help educate children, to share school resources, to promote good will among the educational community and to target for discussion topics of mutual concern.”

~Herta Holly, former Mayor and Councilwoman of Miami Shores, FL

What others are saying about the CLP…

“Thank you for a great trip.  Of the places we have been I enjoyed being there more than any place we have been. It is always best when the young people are involved. The hospitality was 2nd to none. Thank you and everyone that had any part in getting Coach Boone and me there.”    

~Coach Bill Yoast, Inspirational Football Coach and CLP Speaker 2008-2009