Faculty, Staff, and Adjunct Faculty


JIMENEZ, RicardoJIMENEZ, Ricardo
Chair of Mathematics & Computer Science Department, Associate Professor of Computer Science; Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University

Areas of Interest: Human Computer Interaction, Software Engineering.

Office: Garner 222-A
Phone: 305-899-4945
Fax: 305-899-3610
Email: rjimenez@barry.edu
Assistant Chair of Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Associate Professor, Mathematics; Ph.D., University of Miami

Areas of Interest: Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Modeling.

Office: Garner 223
Phone: 305-899-3638
Fax: 305-899-3610
Email: szivanovic@barry.edu
Instructor of Computer Science; Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University

Areas of Interest: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Gaming, Usability Testing, Women in Computer Science.

Office: Garner 217
Phone: 305-899-3620
Email: sarmstrong@barry.edu
Instructor of Mathematics; Ph.D., Florida International University

Areas of Interest: Theory of Computation, Bio-Informatics, Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization.

Office: Garner 202
Phone: 305-899-3609
Email: dcazalis@barry.edu
Instructor of Mathematics; Ph.D., Universidad de la Habana, Cuba

Areas of Interest: Heronian Triangles, Transcendental Equations, and Number Theory.

Office: Garner 223
Phone: 305-899-4859
Email: jdelacruz@barry.edu
DEL RIO, Heberto
Instructor of Mathematics; Ph.D. Mathematics, SUNY at Stony Brook, NY

Areas of Interest: Differential Geometry, Riemannian Geometry, Kaehler Geometry, Geometric Partial Differential Equations; Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing.

Office: Garner 206
Phone: 305-899-4861
Email: hdelrio@barry.edu
FRANCO, Mary Jane
Instructor of Computer Science; Ph.D., Barry University

Areas of Interest: Computer Graphics and 3D Animation.

Office: Garner 224
Phone: 305-899-4839
Email: mjfranco@barry.edu
Professor of Computer Science; Ph.D., University of Texas

Areas of Interest: Very-large-scale Integration (VLSI) Design, Computer Aided Design, Applied Graph Theory.

Office: Garner 208
Phone: 305-899-3286
Email: jharalambides@barry.edu
MARKOV, Lubomir P.
Associate Professor of Mathematics; Ph.D., University of South Florida

Areas of Interest: Real and functional analysis, ordinary differential equations in abstract spaces, geometry of Banach and Hilbert spaces, classical analysis, number theory.

Office: Garner Hall 212
Phone: 305-899-3360
Email: lmarkov@barry.edu
MORALES, Guillermo
Instructor of Mathematics; Ph.D., Cuban Academy of Sciences, Havana, Cuba

Areas of Interest: Mathematical Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer.

Office: Garner 220
Phone: 305-899-4860
Email: gmorales@barry.edu
PAN, Victor
Professor of Mathematics; Ph. D., University of South Florida

Areas of Interest: Approximation, Applied Math, Bioinformatics.

Office: Garner 207
Phone: 305-899-3618
Email: vpan@barry.edu
SANCHEZ, Ricardo
Instructor of Mathematics; M.S., Moscow University, Moscow, Russia

Areas of Interest: Complex, Functional, and Harmonic Analysis.

Office: Garner 223
Phone: 305-899-4740
Email: rsanchez@barry.edu
Professor of Mathematics; Ph.D., Bihar University, India

Areas of Interest: Optimization, Multiset Theory.

Office: Garner 214
Phone: 305-899-4858
Email: jsingh@barry.edu


Br. Gregory Crosby
Office: Garner 222 B
Phone: 305-899-3612
Fax: 305-899-3610
Email: gcrosby@barry.edu
Administrative Assistant III
Assistant to the Chair

Adjunct Faculty

ACOSTA, ManuelM.S., University of Havana Cuba

Email: macosta@barry.edu
CUBEROS, MariaM.S., Universidad Simon-Bolivar, Venezuela

Email: mcuberos@barry.edu
GUTIERREZ, IlianaPh.D., Universidad Central de Las Villas, Cuba

Email: igutierrez@barry.edu
LONDOƑO, HernanPh.D., Nova Southeastern University

Email: hlondono@barry.edu
MANCHOLA, MakyM.S., University of Miami

Email: mmanchola@barry.edu
PAIS, RoyM.S., SUNY at Buffalo, NY

Email: rpais@barry.edu
RUSSELL, WilliamPh.D., University of Virginia

Email: wrussell@barry.edu
STELLING, LuisaPh.D., SUNY at Stony Brook, NY

Email: lstelling@barry.edu
VIVANCO, KarlaM.S., Nova Southeastern University

Email: kvivanco@barry.edu