Program Outcomes Report

CACREP requires an annual report to inform prospective students and the public about our program. Counselor education programs accredited by CACREP have been asked to include the following Vital Statistics data: (a) number of program graduates from the past year, (b) completion rate, (c) licensure or certification examination pass rate (as appropriate), and (d) job placement rate. For more information about the Barry University Counseling programs, location, requirements, news and related information, please visit our counseling website\counseling.

Data from the CACREP Annual Vital Statistics Report are to be published annually each May.

PhD Program Outcomes Report 2017-2018

MS in Counseling Program Manual 2018-19

Program Outcomes Report 2016-2017

Program Outcomes Report 2015-2016

Program Outcomes Report 2014-2015

Program Outcomes Report 2013-2014