A Message from the Public Safety Department

A Message from the Public Safety Department

Public Safety would like to remind everyone that when a fire alarm sounds everyone must evacuate the building immediately.

If a fire alarm sounds in your building, being prepared and knowing what to do is critical. Here are some actions you must take: 

  • When a fire alarm sounds, stop all work immediately – hang up phones and cease meetings. 
  • Always, assume the alarm is real and not a drill. 
  • Calmly proceed to the nearest exit and/or down the nearest exit stairwell. Bring your car keys, cell phone, purses, and outerwear in case you are not allowed to re-enter the building. 
  • Do not use cell phones, blackberries, IPODs, etc. while evacuating.
  • Do not bring food or beverages in stairwells. 
  • Never use an elevator. It is not meant for evacuation and could shut off due to fire, smoke or over loading.
  • Do not run. If an alarm sounds and you are in another part of the building, do not go back to your office. Evacuate through the nearest exit to you.
  • Move far away from way from the building.

Public Safety or the fire department will tell you when it is clear to go back into the building.

Please obey all fire safety tips; this will prevent the safety of all.

Holiday Safety Tips:

  • Have a trip plan and let others know when you will leave and intend to arrive at your destination. Make sure that your office doors and residence doors are locked before heading out for the holiday break.
  • Have a cellular telephone with you if possible, and make sure that it is completely charged before you leave.
  • Keep your car doors locked and windows rolled up.
  • At stop signs or traffic signals, keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Leave yourself room to get out in case you're boxed in.
  • Travel well-lighted and busy streets.
  • Lock your doors when you leave your car, even if it's for a short time.
  • When you get out of your car, carry your purse, and keep other valuables out of sight. Do not store valuables out in the open inside a parked car.

Barry University reminds its students, faculty, staff, and visitors that continued caution and vigilance are necessary components of your own personal safety and the safety of all in the Barry community. We encourage all to report crimes and/or suspicious behavior to Public Safety by calling 305-899-3333 or visiting www.barry.edu/publicsafety/silentwitness.htm, a confidential way of providing information via Barry's website.

Keep up-to-date on campus safety by checking out our periodic updates on Bucwis and Barry News. For more information about Barry's Public Safety Department, visit http://bucwis.barry.edu/publicSafety/.