Fall 2012 ISR Sport and Recreation classes - 1 Credit Classes available

Instructional Activities in Sport and Recreation (ISR) offers a variety of Sport, Fitness and Recreation Classes that will help you meet your fitness goals during the fall semester.

The following classes will be available as a 1 credit option from October 29th - December 7th. You must register by October 26th.

  • ISR 105/205- Cardio Kickboxing (TTH, 930-1050pm)
  • ISR 127/227- Mind & Body Meditation (T, 7-920pm)
  • ISR 151/251- Pilates (MWF, 1-150pm)
  • ISR 165/265 03- Tennis (TTH, 6-720pm)
  • ISR 165/265 04- Tennis (T, 730-850pm)
  • ISR 103/203- Boot Camp (MWF, 2-250pm)
  • ISR 160/260- Swimming (MW, 4-520pm)


Sign up for these classes with your advisor or stop by Landon 112 and see Lorean Mapp, Wellness & ISR Coordinator. You may also call at (305) 899-4064 or e-mail us at lmapp@mail.barry.edu.