Disability Awareness Quiz #1

As a part of Disability Awareness Month, the Office of Disability Services would like to present their first quiz for Disability Awareness Month. The first quiz with the most accurately answered questions wins a prize and everyone is eligible! Send all answers to stillman@mail.barry.edu by Friday, Oct. 5, 2012.

In addition, look throughout the university’s grounds for “fun facts” posted by ODS. These informative notes are all over campus and present interesting facts about various disabilities. (They could help you win the contest!)

Quiz # 1 - Disability Etiquette

1. True or False: Don’t lean over someone in a wheelchair to shake another person’s hand or ask a wheelchair user to hold coats.


2. True or False: Speech reading (lip reading) is difficult for people who are deaf if their first language is ASL because the majority of sounds in English are formed inside the mouth, and it’s hard to speech read a second language.


3. Which is correct non-visual information when directing someone who is visually impaired?

A.“Go to your right when you reach the office supplies.”
B.“Walk forward to the end of this aisle and make a full right.”

4. True or False: As with people who have other disabilities, it is okay to pet or kiss a person of short stature on the head.


5. True or False: A person who may appear to be drunk, sick, or have a medical emergency might in fact have cerebral palsy.


6. People with ____ ____ may make vocalizations or gestures such as tics that they cannot control. A small percentage may involuntarily say ethnic slurs or obscene words.

A. No self-control
C. Tourette Syndrome

7. True or False: If a person is experiencing a seizure, you cannot do anything to stop it.


We hope you had fun with the quiz. Good luck! Don’t forget to email your answers back to stillman@mail.barry.edu.