Barry students, faculty, and staff travel to Florida's capitol to meet with state legislators

Barry University students, faculty, and staff traveled to Florida's capitol to meet with state legislators and advocate for Barry's educational priorities during the 2013 legislative session.

During their two-day visit to Tallahassee, nine student leaders met with more than a dozen state representatives and senators to thank them for their support and discuss the effects that any possible budget cuts to funding would have on the university and the future of its students.

Highlighting their discussion was the Florida Resident Access Grant, (FRAG) a state-funded grant that provides tuition assistance to Florida full time, undergraduate students attending private, non-profit Florida colleges and universities.

Students who took part in “Barry Days” got an inside look at the chambers and the offices of the legislative leaders including House Representatives Kionne L. McGhee, Ben Albrittron, John Wood, Pat Roonet, Jr., and Daphne Campbell.

The nine students chosen to attend were selected based on their interest in politics and included a sampling of majors such as political science, finance, and information technology.

Dr. Sean Foreman, political science professor, was among the administrators that accompanied the students on March 12-13. Students making the trip to the capital were: Benjamin Otero, Wes Burns, Nicole Jimenez, Brian Otero, Tetyana Korshnyak, Khalid El-Amin, Shantell Monreal, Geronimo J. Guevara, and Bibiana Potestad.