A message from the Public Safety Department

A message from the Public Safety Department

Suspicious packages can come in all shapes and sizes. Simply put, a suspicious package is any backpack, bag, box, package, or other item left unattended or that otherwise seems out of place. For instance, a baby stroller parked at a playground may not raise any eyebrows, but a baby stroller left on the grounds of a chemical plant might be cause for concern.

The best defense against suspicious packages is awareness of your surroundings.

Unattended baggage, boxes or other containers are not the only cause for concern. Sometimes suspicious packages come through the mail. Anyone who encounters a suspicious package or letter should proceed with caution and follow these FBI guidelines:

• Handle with care. Don’t shake or bump it. In fact, it’s best not to touch the suspected package or letter any more than is necessary.
• Isolate the item and look for suspicious indicators.
• Don’t open, smell or taste it.
• Treat it as suspect – call Public Safety or 911 immediately.

Security officers may clear or evacuate the area around the package and keep onlookers away.

Remember if you see something, say something. Crime Prevention is everyone’s business. For more information on suspicious packages or other safety information please go to the Public Safety website.