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A portfolio is required for application to the MA in Communication program. The portfolio requires the following:

  • Statement of purpose. Write an essay describing your personal career goals and showing how completion of Barry’s program will help you fulfill these goals.
  • An academic writing sample such as a research/reflection papers or reports.
  • A letter of introduction to the portfolio, which describes each piece you incorporated and provides a thoughtful rationale for its inclusion.
  • Addresses each category of evaluation (see descriptions below)
  • There is no required design for the portfolio, but the presentation of support must be clear, concise, organized, and speaks to all 5 categories (see descriptions below)

Portfolio Category Descriptions

1. Communication: Written
Evidence of effective graduate level writing skills, which include the ability to present ideas clearly, concisely and coherently.  Ability to communicate ideas logically and thoughtfully in an organized, structurally sound and grammatically correct fashion.

2. Communication: Other
Evidence of communication skills beyond written communication, such as effective oral communication, competence using communication related technology, ability to utilize and interpret graphs/charts, etc. Communication skills demonstrated through portfolio evidence: Rationale is well explained, evidence is well-selected and appropriate in demonstrating competence in all categories.

3. Research Competence
Solid evidence that an applicant has the aptitude for research literacy (quantitative and/or qualitative) needed to be successful in program work. This would include evidence of skills of analysis, and logic/reasoning and a willingness to learn statistical analysis and basic mathematical skills used in quantitative research. It is recommended that part of the evidence provided here is a transcript(s) demonstrating courses involving analysis, logic/reasoning, and/or mathematical/research skills. Also, a project that involves planned methodology, data collection and analysis, and/or other mathematics could be referenced as additional evidence for this category.

4. Potential for Success as a Graduate Student
Evidence that demonstrates initiative, creative and critical thinking, intellectual astuteness, ability to work independently, as well as the ability to work as an effective team player.

5. Relevant Experience
Evidence of relevant experience within the field of study.  A resume/CV is recommended here, along with any tangible supplements (i.e. campaigns, journalistic/PR pieces, critical essays, etc.).  If part of your evidence for this category and/or any other category is a video, provide a DVD/multimedia link with carefully selected segments that demonstrate what you want to highlight. Also include a brief synopsis/explanation with the video.


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