Why Barry University?

Individualized Attention

We believe in individualized attention at Barry University. You will receive one-on-one guidance from our distinguished faculty and professionals in residence due to our small class sizes. On average, for every 15 students there is 1 professor. We strive to keep our classes small so our students truly gain the knowledge necessary to excel within these communication programs.

Location, Location, Location

The world of communication is a competitive one; however, Barry University’s location helps dissolve the competition. Located in South Florida, you have access to many advertising agencies, public relation firms, television stations, radio stations, and news outlets. This provides outstanding opportunities for internships, networking and employment.

Hands-On Experience

Our graduate programs provide a dynamic environment, one where you learn the latest theories and practices within the industry, as well as experience hands-on implementation as you learn. Whether you pursue a master’s degree or certificate, we provide many opportunities to develop a well-formed portfolio, and gain the experience necessary for success in the field.

Broadcast Communication: Facilities
PR & Corporate Communication: Real Client Campaigns
Health & Development Communication: Real Client Campaigns

Professionals in Residence

Learn from faculty with the same background experience as your program, and from professionals who are currently working within the communication industry. You will gain insider perspective of the real life working environment, giving you valuable insight of the best practices within the industry to help you gain an advantage.

Professionals’ Profiles