Real Client Work

Work with Businesses in the Community

Within the Master of Arts in Communication you are required to work with real clients prior to completing your degree. This aspect of our degree program sets us apart from other similar programs, allowing you to truly gain the hands-on experience necessary to prepare you for your career.

When you work with a company, you are acting as an outside public relations and communication consultant, helping them improve their communication needs. You will seek out the company you wish to work with within the Miami area. Non-profits are strongly suggested, but you may seek for-profit companies as well.

Creating Strategic Campaigns for Success

Once a company is chosen, you will map out and develop an entire communication campaign (See Capstone Project). You will meet one-on-one with your client to assess their needs, and organize and conduct focus groups for market research in order to conclusively determine the focal point for the company’s next communication campaign.
By developing a strategic campaign, with guidance from a professor, you are extremely prepared to take on any challenges you may face within this field. The campaign also acts as a great portfolio piece to showcase to prospective employers.

Pitching to the Media

Imagine pitching ideas directly to the media your first semester at Barry - This is what we aspire for our students. Through faculty guidance, you will be able to transform your ideas and bring them to life by having the outlet to reach out to local media.