Why Barry University?

The advertising program at Barry University exposes you to all areas of advertising. The curriculum is based on the principle that effective advertising requires a broad based knowledge that includes theory and practice. As such, if you are interested in creative, you will also understand the importance of strategic thinking, research, and culture and a social consciousness in the development of advertising. We invite you to discover your specialty as you learn about how advertising functions.

Interaction with Faculty

Talk to a Barry student studying advertising and they will tell you that they know the faculty in the Department of Communication well, and that the faculty in turn knows them. This familiarity comes through the small class sizes, giving you individualized attention where faculty has a genuine interest in your academic progress.

Our Location in South Florida

Miami is considered the gateway to Latin America, making our location very advantageous. The region is host to numerous advertising and public relations agencies. This enables you to find attractive internships, some of which may lead to job offers. Many of our graduates work in Miami in fields ranging from advertising to marketing.