Barry's 12 NCAA Division II teams (Sunshine State Conference) have a strong record of success. Since 1989, Barry has won 15 NCAA championships - three each in women's soccer and volleyball, three in men’s golf, two in men’s tennis, and two in women's tennis. The Barry Buccaneers have also taken 46 Sunshine State Conference Championships in 10 different sports.

Success on the field is equaled by the student-athletes' successes in academics. In the past 21 seasons, Barry students have won 132 All-American Awards and 109 Scholar All-American Awards. Community service is also a vital element in the lives of Barry's student-athletes.

Barry sports include: men's baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, and tennis, and women's basketball, rowing, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball.

Barry's Health and Sports Center houses a 1,500-seat gymnasium, a weight-training facility, rehabilitation and athletic training facility, a human performance laboratory, and a biomechanics lab. Outdoor facilities include soccer, softball and baseball fields, and tennis and racquetball courts.