Minor in Television and Digital Media

The minor in Television and Digital Media affords students the opportunity to acquire skills that will encourage practice. Students can enhance journalistic skills and learn techniques of filming and editing as they produce content to be published on multiple platforms. The flexible nature of the minor encourages students to enroll in classes specific to their interest. Students also find that in Barry Student Media, comprising the newspaper, radio station and TV channel, they have a venue to apply what they have learned in the classroom.

Minor in Television and Digital Media(21 credits)
Required Courses (6 credits)
COM 200Media & Society3 credits
COM 207Introduction to Journalism3 credits
Choose from the following courses (15 credits)
COM 214TV Studio Production3 credits
COM 215Audio Production3 credits
COM 301Studio Directing Practicum3 credits
COM 309Multimedia Communication3 credits
COM 314Digital Media Production3 credits
COM 318Radio and TV Reporting3 credits
COM 335Media Theory3 credits
COM 356Editing Digital Media3 credits
COM 401Practicum II1-2 credits
COM 418Broadcast News3 credits