Subaward Form

Barry University welcomes the participation of colleagues on sponsored program projects.

Applications – If a sub-recipient is identified at the time of an application submission; the sub-recipient is asked to submit the following documents for inclusion on a submissions; a) Letter of Intent – jointly signed by both the Sub-recipients’ proposed project director and the authorized administrative signatory, 2) Scope of Services/Work to be completed and 3) a Detailed Budget that has been agreed upon with the Barry project director.

Awards – Barry University will work with the sub-recipient to execute a sub-award as soon as feasible upon receipt of the award notification. Barry has adopted the use of the standard sub-award agreement forms from the Federal Demonstration Project (FDP).

The attached FDP sub-award forms have 2 highlighted areas; the yellow highlighted is for Barry to complete based on the specific award and the highlighted blue area is for the sub-recipient to complete.

Note: The final sub-recipient award amount is solely dependent on the award amount and may be lower than the amount proposed in the application process; this would change the scope of services to be performed.

FDP sub-award