Residential Meal Plans 2018-2019 Academic Year

Resident Students:

Resident Meal Program

Welcome to the Roussell Dining Hall [Landon Student Union], featuring a wide variety of menu options in our all-you-care-to-eat dining facility. Students, Faculty, Staff, and Visitors alike are welcome to the dining hall under the direction of Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services.

Barry University has several resident meal plans from which students may choose. As a resident student, you are required to select a meal plan. Your university ID card serves as your meal card and can be swiped to gain access to Roussell Dining Hall. For those on the go, Roussell offers a great Grab-n-Go feature.

19 Meals/Week
+ $100 Dining Dollars
14 Meals/Week
+ $200 Dining Dollars
10 Meals/Week
+ $300 Dining Dollars
7 Meals/Week
+ $450 Dining Dollars
5 Meals/Week
+ $550 Dining Dollars

Choice 19 + $100 Dining Dollars - $2,195.00 per semester
This more traditional meal plan option provides residents 19 opportunities to dine in Roussell each week plus this plan offers $100 in dining dollars.

Choice 14 + $200 Dining Dollars - $2,195.00 per semester
This balanced meal plan option allows residents 14 opportunities to dine in Roussell each week plus offers $200 in dining dollars.

Choice 10 + $300 Dining Dollars - $2,195.00 per semester
Perfect for the student on the go offering the versatility of any 10 meals per week in Roussell Dining Hall paired with $300 in dining dollars.

Select 7 + $450 Dining Dollars - $2,195.00 per semester
Benefit from the flexibility of using $450 in dining dollars at our Buc Stop Café’s Subway, Chick-n-Grill, We Proudly Serve, Outtakes, Landon Student Union’s Bucky’s Cove, Dominican Hall’s Create, Juiceblendz, plus enjoy any 7 meals per week in Roussell Dining Hall.

Select 5 + $550 Dining Dollars -$2,195.00per semester
Maximize your options with $550 in dining dollars for use at our Buc Stop Café’s Subway, Chick-n-Grill, We Proudly Serve, Outtakes, Landon Student Union’s Bucky’s Cove, Dominican Hall’s Create, Juiceblendz, plus enjoy any 5 meals per week in Roussell Dining Hall.

How the Meal Plans Work: Roussell Dining Hall is the primary location for students to use their meal plans. Student meal plans run on a weekly basis starting on Friday morning and ending Thursday evening. Unused Board Meals do not roll over to the following week.

Daily Meal Swipes: Resident students will be allowed to swipe up to four (4) meal swipes per day (M-F), and three (3) meal swipes Saturday and Sunday. Swipes can be used for whichever meal period the student chooses.

Dining Dollars: Dining Dollars are a great way to dine across campus. They can be used at the retail locations in the Subway, Chick-n-Grill, Outtakes, We Proudly Serve [Buc Stop Café @Thompson Hall], Create, Juiceblendz, Outtakes [Dominican Hall] Bucky's Cove and Roussell [Landon Student Union]. Dining Dollars hold a dollar for dollar value and expire at the end of the semester with the meal plan.

Meal Plan Equivalency Program: The meal plan equivalency program allows students to grab a combo meal at Dominican Hall’s - [Create, Juiceblendz and Outtakes] and Roussell Grab-n-Go to substitute a meal swipe off their weekly meal plan swipe allotment. These locations will offer combos in exchange for a meal swipe. All other retail locations can accept dining dollars, flex bucs, cash, credit or debit.

Late Night Hours: Late night dining hours (M-F: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm) will be offered at Roussell Dining Hall including light offerings available at Fresh Market, Pasta & Pizza Station, South Beach Sub Station and the Buccaneer Grill Station.

Menu: The menu at Roussell is as diverse as its team. The locations features house-made pizza, elaborate salad bar, fresh-baked pastries, made-to-order sandwiches, home-style food, vegetarian options, local produce, healthy selections, burgers, beverages, coffee, an all-day breakfast corner and more. The menu changes consistently while weekly events and features are set in place to bring excitement to the dining hall. Theme meals are done throughout the year to offer a fun interpretation on school and national events.

Know your Stations:

Pasta & Pizza: This station signs “that’s amore!” the freshly made pizzas and pasta options are always sure to fill your bellies with tasty Italian recipes.

Buccaneer Grill: On this station you will find simple classics of burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, and fries. However, our team likes to get creative and feature specialty burgers and food truck like foods. Looking for something a little leaner? This station also provides our health conscious guest with turkey burgers or black bean burgers upon request.

Build your Own: At this station you can customize your dish with ingredients you prefer. Like your stir-fry with carrots, peppers, and mushrooms? You can build it the way you like! This station goes all out to offer new cuisines to open your mind and mouth to new flavors.

Chef’s Table: The Chef’s Table provides some serious eats. Here you can find home-style foods of fried chicken and mashed potatoes one day, and then the next, find a pan seared tilapia with capers. The options are endless but the beauty in the station is its ability to always offer a well-balanced meal. Vegetarians have no fear, there is something for you every day here at Chef’s table.

South Beach Subs: If sandwiches, wraps and subs are your thing, then South Beach Subs (SBS) is your station. SBS offers the versatility to build your sandwich, wrap or sub however you so choose with the days selection. Enjoy turkey that is freshly sliced every day and accompany it with fresh produce such as tomato, lettuce, onion and whatever else you deserve.

MyPantry: Who says waffles are only for breakfast! At the MyPantry station, your breakfast favorites of cereal, waffles, bagels and breads are featured here all day long.

The Fall 2019 meal plan begins with breakfast on Saturday, August 24th, 2019 and ends with dinner on December 14th, 2019. Spring 2020 meal plans are to begin with brunch January 13th and end with dinner May 8th. Meal plans changes may not be made once a plan is selected. Plans are selected through My Housing in your My Barry account.

Meal Plan Credit

What happens to my meal plan account if I move out of the residence halls before the end of the semester?

If a student moves out of the residence halls before the end of the semester, any dinning dollars left in the account and the funds paid for the meal plan selected at the beginning of the period are non-refundable. However, funds left in your dining account and your meal plan can still be used as long as you remain a student of Barry University until the end of the semester.

A meal plan will only be credited to the student account if the student cancels their housing contract prior to the start of the academic semester.

The university will only credit a student’s meal plan, less any dining dollars used, and that withdraws from the university. The meal plan can only be credited upon withdrawal following the University’s tuition after withdrawal table.