Equipment & Key Contract

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I, (Enter *) , as a participating student in contract with the Office of Disability Services:

  • I agree to return all equipment or keys at the end of this semester.
  • I accept full responsibility for any equipment or keys loaned to me.
  • I agree to replace all equipment if lost or stolen while in my possession.

I further acknowledge that the transcription and/or recording will be made available to me as an accommodation to a disability, and that it is strictly limited to my personal instructional use. It may not be copied, shared, distributed, or reproduced in any additional way without the specific consent of the professor or instructor.

I further acknowledge that the Professor(s) and lecturer(s) listed above retain full copyright in any recording or transcriptions of their classroom lectures and discussion, and that consent for transcription and/or recording

I hereby declare that the information provided in this form is true