Barry University gets technology upgrades

Barry University gets technology upgrades

The Barry University campus recently received a technological upgrade in the form of some new gadgetry; the university has purchased a laptop check-out station and a cellphone charging booth. The new equipment, which is housed in the Monsignor William Barry Memorial Library, is meant to increase student and staff accessibility to the latest technological needs.

The new laptop checkout station is a self-dispensing kiosk with 24 computers. The station utilizes a card-swipe reader and a digital touch screen to allow students easy access to computer use. For tracking purposes, the kiosk is equipped with web cameras which take digital photographs of all patrons using the computers. The new station is located on the second floor of the library near the ramp entrance.

Members of the Barry community with an active Barry account and ID card can check out the computers during regular library hours and borrow the computers for 24 hours free of charge. After the initial 24 hour period, patrons may be charged up to $10 per hour for the next 24 hours. If not returned after 48 hours, computers will be considered stolen and student accounts may be billed for the full replacement cost of the computer and students may face charges of violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

The state-of-the-art station features 24 Dell Latitude E6430 laptops with the Windows 7 operating system. Each computer contains an Intel Core processor, a 500 GB hard drive, a 14” high definition LED screen, a light sensitive webcam, noise canceling headphones, and an 8X DVD+/- RW optical drive.

The computers contain Deepfreeze software which will reset factory software settings upon return to the kiosk. The computers are powered by 9-cell batteries which will allow students approximately five to six hours of use.

In addition to the laptop kiosk, the technology upgrade also included a Kwikboost floor stand cell phone charging station. The charging station is a full speed, multi-device kiosk capable of charging eight phones at one time. The stand provides cables for four apple devices, three Micro USB inputs, and one Mini USB input. The Kwikboost station is located on the second floor of the library. The university plans to purchase five additional kiosks to be placed in Thompson, Wiegand, Landon, Weber, and Dalton & Dunspaugh.