Dr. Brian Botts, Graduate of Barry’s Doctoral Program in Human Resource Development is Appointed Principal of new Collegiate High School in Ft. Myers

Dr. Brian Botts is a Barry graduate who is making a difference for Ft. Myers and Lee County. He has been recognized for his leadership and vision in education. Recently Brian was appointed as the principal of the new Edison Collegiate High School - Lee Campus which will be providing an extraordinary learning experience.

This public charter high school is located on the Lee Campus of Edison State College at Ft. Myers. The first freshman class of 100 students will enter this fall and will have the opportunity to earn a high school degree and an Associate degree simultaneously. As a public institution, both the tuition including college level courses and text boxes are free of charge to the students.

ECHS will have its own building on the Lee campus and the junior and senior high school students will also to be able to attend classes with the general college student population. This is an unique opportunity for the ECHS students to utilize technology in a curriculum that will focus on STEM education - the teaching of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Brian graduated from of the Adrian Dominican School of Education with a PhD in Leadership and Education with a specialization in Human Resource Development in December, 2009. He studied at our Ft. Myers site.