Barry University High School Equivalency (HEP) Grant

This is the fifth year of a $1,175,516 five-year (2005-2010) High School Equivalency Program (HEP) federal grant, awarded by the Office of Migrant Education This is the second consecutive HEP award cycle for Barry University; the first award was for $1,140,460.51 (2000-2005).

In the past ten years HEP has served over 1,000 students (migrants and seasonal farm workers) in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Collier Counties in GED-prep courses, and has helped 296 students attain a GED. Currently, classes are offered at six (6) sites: four (4) in Miami-Dade County (Everglades Center, South Dade Canter, Redland Center); plus two (2) sites in Collier County at iTECH and RCMA Community School in Immokalee.