On ESPN, Shaquille O’Neal, PhD in HRD student, Retires from Basketball and Speaks of Barry University!

NBA star and Barry University School of Education doctoral student Shaquille O’Neal formally announced his retirement June 3 at his home in Orlando, Fla. Shaq, who is earning his doctorate degree at Barry in Leadership and Education with a specialization in Human Resource Development, spent 19 seasons in the NBA.  The announcement was broadcast live on ESPN and has been posted on both CNN and Forbes and carried by the Associated Press.

During that time he won four NBA Championships (one with the Miami Heat in 2006) and amassed a trophy case of other league accomplishments, including: 15-time NBA All-Star; 28,596 points (fifth all time); 2000 NBA MVP; three-time NBA Finals MVP; 1993 NBA Rookie of the Year. 

But even with his hectic and often uncertain schedule as a professional athlete, Shaq still found time for education, a virtue instilled in him by both his parents. Bettering himself through education was a no-brainer. Higher education was demanded by his parents, and Shaq embraced it.

“It is now time for me to begin my new life … and I’m now working on my Ph.D. at Barry University in Miami,” Shaq told a room full of reporters during the live press conference on ESPN. “Basketball has opened many doors in my life.”

Shaq, who has been known by many names since catapulting into the spotlight of the NBA, will soon be able to add “Dr. O’Neal to that list when he completes his doctorate degree from Barry’s Adrian School of Education (ADSOE). For Shaq, who is a successful businessman as well, the completion of his Ph.D. is a return to where it all began for him – education.

“We wish Shaquille continued success and are gratified that a doctoral degree from Barry University is part of his post-retirement goals,” said Dr. David M. Kopp, chair of the Organizational Learning and Human Development Department