Content Minors and Endorsements


You will choose from one of the following minors, making you eligible for Florida certification in grades 5-9:

  • General Science - Courses range from biology, chemistry, physics, to earth science
  • Literature - Courses range from composition, grammar, to literature
  • Math - Courses range from pre-calculus, calculus, trigonometry, geometry, to statistics
  • Social Science - Courses range from history, economics, US government, to geography

Having a minor will set you apart from other graduates because you can teach within your chosen specialization and within your minor. With a minor, you broaden your scope of teaching. This makes you very marketable when you graduate.


The Bachelor of Science in Education program automatically integrates two endorsements into the degree, making you eligible for Florida certification in Kindergarten to Grade 12. This means that there are no additional courses required to receive:

  • Endorsement in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) (A State of Florida Endorsement)
  • Endorsement in (teaching) Reading (A State of Florida Endorsement)

Having these endorsements will set you apart from other graduates because these two highly-regarded endorsement areas are considered critical shortage areas for some school systems. Hiring principals often desire to employ teachers with these endorsements. While many teachers are going back to receive these endorsements, you will already have them! Additionally, these two endorsements also give you the necessary foundation to pursue teaching in other states and overseas.