Hyun Uk Kim, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Exceptional Student Education

PhD, Psychological Studies in Education, University of California, Los Angeles
MA, Applied Linguistics, Southern Illinois University
BA, Linguistics, Southern Illinois University

Dr. Kim teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and special education. Her doctoral degree is in Education with a specialization in ASD. Prior to joining the University in 2015, she has worked as a teacher for children with ASD, a psychometrist at the autism evaluation clinic in UCLA, and a faculty member at Fairfield University in Connecticut. Dr. Kim has presented at national, international conferences on ASD and special education, and offered workshops on ASD to teachers and parents in Nicaragua, Korea, and the U.S.

Dr. Kim's current research interests include cross-cultural understandings of ASD, bilingualism and ASD, inclusive education for students with disabilities, and social justice for individuals with disabilities through Disability Studies in Education.

Selected publications

  • Kim, H. U., & Roberti, M. (2014). "Tengo que habla espaƱol. Yo no entiendo ingles!": A qualitative case study on a bilingual child with autism. Journal of Special Education Apprenticeship, 3(1). Available at http://josea.info/archives/vol3no1/vol3no1-7-FT.pdf
  • Kim, H. U. (2012). Autism across cultures: rethinking autism. Disability & Society, 27(4), 535-545.

Selected presentations

  • Kim, H. U (2015). Reflecting narratively on a daughter's disability and bilingualism. Paper Presented at the National Association for Multicultural Association, New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Kim, H. U. (2014). Promoting social justice and dignity for all through Disability Studies. Workshop presented at the National Association for Multicultural Association, Tucson, Arizona.
  • Kim, H. U. (2012). Autism across cultures. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, California.
  • Kim, H. U. (2012). Myths and misconceptions in autism: What every teacher needs to unlearn, relearn, and learn. Paper presented at the 12th Annual Second City Conference on Disability Studies in Education, New York, New York.
  • Kim, H. U., & Goldberg, J. S. (2011). Cross-cultural perspectives on ability and disability: A framework for special education in South Korea, Nicaragua, and the United States. Paper presented at the Meeting of the International Society for Cultural Activity Research, Rome, Italy.
  • Goldberg, J. S., & Kim, H. U. (2011). Cross-cultural perspectives on special education. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, Louisiana.