Capstone Project: Dissertation in Practice

This practitioner doctoral program advances lifelong learning for students who want to further their expertise in Educational Leadership as well as develop their competitive advantage as a vision-driven leader.

The Education Doctorate (EdD) in Organizational Leadership with a Specialization in Educational Leadership prepares you with knowledge and skills to apply and translate research into practice, analyze problems of practice, and use multiple frames to develop meaningful solutions. The mastery of these skills is demonstrated through a capstone project.

The capstone is intended to be a study of a problem of practice in an action research context. You will utilize analytical abilities, contextual knowledge, conceptual tools, and professional judgment, developed during your doctoral program, and apply these to solving world problems within your K-12 system. Capstone projects may include (but not limited to) an improvement plan, implementation project, or program evaluation.

The capstone project report is an action research study and replaces the traditional dissertation.