Program Curriculum

Program Curriculum

Leadership Core - 12 Credits

ADL 705 Theories of Leadership
Describes theories of leadership, studies the relationship between leadership style and organizational change, and examines the implementation process of a leader’s vision.

ADL 717 Team Building for Leaders
Uses team building, group dynamics, and interpersonal sensitivity to motivate and inspire individuals and groups to work toward common goals.

ADL 739 Ethical Issues in Leadership
This course provides ethical frameworks and components in leadership experiences in both education systems and public service organizations. It provides opportunities to interpret, apply, and evaluate theoretical frameworks, resources for choices, and impacts of decisions.

ADL 745 Organizational Change
Explores organizational theories and development from a leadership perspective with a focus on change within organizations, groups, and individuals.

Research Courses - 9 Credits

HSE 703 Philosophy of Science and Theory Development
A critical analysis of philosophy of science and epistemology as applicable to theory development in the human science disciplines.

HSE 705 Qualitative Methods of Inquiry
A critical analysis of qualitative methods of inquiry for the human sciences to facilitate the understanding of the aims, processes, and outcomes of these methods. Prerequisite: HSE 703.

HSE 707 Quantitative Methods of Inquiry
Examines advanced competencies to conceptualize, design, execute, analyze, report and publish quantitative research that delivers new and useful knowledge. Balances its presentations of research theory and computer-based tools with applications to world problems. Prerequisite: HSE 703.

Educational Leadership Specialization - 15 Credits

ADL 713 Program Planning
Overviews how to use a systematic planning process to set priorities; provides an organized approach to policy development and program implementation; and describes evaluation procedures.

ADL 721 Policy Development
Examines the process to identify problems and to achieve solutions consistent with an organization’s vision, using critical thinking and analytic reasoning as problem and policy framing skills for continued renewal.

ADL 729 Seminar in Leadership
This seminar is designed to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate a clear understanding of the interrelated nature of the experiences within the program through critical discourse and projects which explore contemporary issues as they relate to leadership.

EDU 710 Politics of Education
Examines the political aspects of schooling. Students will become familiar with community power structures; the local electoral process; how boards of education function; how the school interacts with community pressures and needs; who is best and least well-served and why.

HRD 719 Organizational Leadership
Studies psychological and organizational paradigms associated with learning of a collective whole. Examines the implications and challenges for learning brought about by the changing nature of work and global competition. Focuses on processes and procedures for achieving organizational Leadership through information distribution and interpretation, making meaning and organizational memory.

Educational Leadership Electives - 12 credits

ADL 709 Legal Issues in Leadership
Explores the issues of legal development relevant to formulating a personal philosophy of leadership and administration and developing a continuing renewal of personal and professional growth for oneself and others.

ADL 725 Financial Administration
Compares and contrasts for-profit, not-for-profit, and public organizations; examines the conventions of revenue and expenditure budgeting; presents the basic principles of proposal writing and grantsmanship.

ADL 737 Information Technology Administration
Explores the leadership and administration role in the implementation and management of information technology within a professional organization.

ADL 760 The Reflective Leader: Vision and Strategies
This course is designed to promote and enrich a student’s personal and professional quest to integrate being reflective and being an educational leader. It seeks to inspire and guide a journey of discovery into the application of reflective practice in the leadership of educational institutions. A dialogue based on the contemporary situation and issues in education will yield deepened understandings of leadership theories and applications, organizational climate and real life in various educational arenas. This dialogue will provide a framework for students to formulate a personal vision and to generate practical strategies for actualizing his vision in education and re-establishing healthy and successful workplaces.

EDU 701 Advanced Study in Education Research: Quasi-Experimental Design & Analysis
Offers opportunities to pursue a research project with the guidance of an advisor in areas of special interest to the student; approval of program advisor required.

EDU 702 Contemporary Issues in Urban Education
This course will explore the social, cultural, and philosophical forces that impact upon schools in the urban setting and is intended to provide doctoral students with continued in-depth grounding in related areas of knowledge. Issues endemic to the student in the urban setting, as well as the context of the surrounding community will also be explored. Approaches for teachers and school leaders working in these settings will be emphasized, through an interdisciplinary approach using philosophy and sociology as applied to pedagogy and leadership.

EDU 719 Issues of Educational Assessment
The role of the teacher as an assessment diagnostician is examined. This new role includes the design, development, reflection, and restructuring of classroom instruction based on students’ performance and assessment data. Current models used to assess students’ learning are examined, including the use of performance criteria. Issues impacting this role and the restructuring of standards-based instruction based on students’ performance, progression, and learning are the focus.

ESE 785 Future Trends and Issues in Exceptional Student Education
Explores and analyzes divergent perspectives about current and future trends and issues in Exceptional Student Education, including innovative programs, inclusion, placement, labeling, future funding, and controversial issues with regard to the effectiveness of Special Education.

ESE 795 Administration and Supervision of Exceptional Student Education Programs
Designed to develop knowledge and mastery of competencies necessary in special education administration. Focuses on the administrative roles in the organization and operation of exceptional education programs as well as management issues in the delivery of effective programs, while emphasizing the administrator's ability to work in inclusive settings.

HRD 711 Performance Analysis and Improvement
Analyzes performance issues and examines techniques and methods for improving performance.

Capstone Project - 6 credits minimum

EDU/HRD 796 Capstone Project Dissertation in Practice Seminar I

EDU/HRD 797 Capstone Project Dissertation in Practice Seminar II

EDU/HRD 800 Continuous Matriculation
Enrollment is required each fall and spring semester after the completion of HRD 798 and 799 until the capstone project is successfully defended. Prerequisite: ADL 799. CR/NC only.