Chi Sigma Iota – Beta Upsilon Recognizes Outstanding Members and Inductees

On December 7, 2013, Beta Upsilon Chapter of Chi Sigma Iota recognized their graduates, inductees, and new board members.  Chi Sigma Iota is the international honor society in Counseling and Barry's chapter, Chi Sigma Iota - Beta Upsilon is active, having received multiple awards since 1999 for its outstanding newsletter and as an outstanding chapter. 

The mission of Chi Sigma Iota is to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership, advocacy, and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling. Though international in scope, the activities of Chi Sigma Iota are centered in the chapters of the Society. It is through the chapters that members are able to be active and pursue the goals of the Society to the fullest extent possible.

Chi Sigma Iota Beta Upsilon Inductees:

  • Crystal Alfonso
  • Kayla Anthony
  • Joan Bojnansky
  • Amber Carreau
  • Geowanda Dixon         
  • Robyn Friedman
  • Vanessa Granados      
  • Estela Guardo
  • Clayton Harrison       
  • Hilary Jameson          
  • Tania Jorge                
  • Nicole Lewis
  • Gabriela Martinez       
  • Katherine Pascual       
  • Jeanevra Pearson        
  • Gina Petithomme
  • Annmarie Rodriguez    
  • Yolanda Rucker           
  • Elizabeth Sanchez      
  • Jenifer Smith
  • Matthew Volker
  • Kendra Williams

Graduating Members:

  • Isabel Amicy
  • Weedney Andre          
  • Shamaree Archer
  • Virginia Baez              
  • Sara Berkowitz           
  • Onix Dobarganes
  • Adam Fishel
  • Tina Juya                   
  • David Paul                  
  • Margaret Raspiller
  • Ayesha Siddiqui          
  • Marissa Vento

Outstanding Recognitions:

  • Adam Fishel:  Service to the Chapter as President 2012-2013
  • Adam Fishel: Outstanding Master Student Award
  • George Harrington: Outstanding Doctoral Student Award
  • Dr. Raul Machuca: Outstanding Faculty Award
  • Susan Rainsberger: Outstanding Alumni Award

New Board Members:

  • Mirsha Alexandre: President
  • Kayla Anthony: President-Elect
  • Jeanevra Pearson: Secretary
  • Tina Juya: Treasurer
  • Carmen Bolivar: Doctoral Student at Large
  • Maite Rodriguez: Master Student at Large
  • Susan Rainsberger: Alumni Representative
  • Khalid Alfallatah: Events Coordinator
  • Nicole Sambrano: Newsletter Editor