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Degree Requirements

Through a combination of required courses and electives, you will be encouraged to examine and question values, explore identity, and develop skills in argumentation and communication. Upon graduation, you will be qualified to pursue graduate studies in English or writing, or to enter a variety of professional careers.

General Education Courses 51-52 Credits

English Major totals 45 Credits

Core Courses 24 Credits

ENG 316World Literary Masterpieces
ENG324Major American Writers
ENG331Major British Writers I
ENG332Major British Writers II
ENG 404Persuasive Writing
ENG 406Rhetorical Analysis
ENG 407 Shakespeare
ENG 410 Advanced Grammar

Literature, Humanities, or
Professional Writing 18 Credits


ENG 300Special Topics
ENG315The Novel
ENG336Latino/a Literature
ENG340Women in Literature
ENG 348Caribbean Literature
ENG 352Survey of African American Literature
ENG 387 Intro to Literary Theory and Criticism
ENG 419 Literature and Film
ENG 424 American Literature 1800-1865
ENG 425American Literature 1865-1914
ENG 426American Literature 1914- present
ENG 429English Studies Special Topics
ENG 43219th Century English Lit: The Romantics
ENG 43319th Century English Lit: The Victorians
ENG 449Film Theory and Criticism
ENG46020th Century Literature 1900-1945
ENG 461Literature 1945-present


396Cultural Studies Special Topics
HUM397Ethnic Studies Special Topics
HUM 398Gender Studies Special Topics 
HUM399Genre Studies Special Topics

Professional Writing

ENG 333Introduction to Fiction Writing
ENG334Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENG344Professional Editing
ENG350Theories of Rhetoric and Public Discourse
ENG 362Magazine Article Writing
ENG 364Multimedia Writing
ENG374Writing for the Internet
ENG444Business Writing
ENG447Technical Writing
CS325Desktop Publishing
JOU416Investigative Journalism

Capstone Course 3 Credits

Internship 3 – 6 Credits

ENG 487Capstone Course

Minor or General Electives 23 - 24 Credits

Degree Total 120 Credits

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