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Film Studies Courses

History of the Moving Image

This course examines the development of the media that utilizes the moving visual image. The first focus of the course is the history of cinema from the 1890's to the present. The second emphasis is the history of television, from the early 20th century to the present. Through examination of the history of these two highly influential media, you will gain an understanding of why and how the film and television industries have arrived at their current status.

History of Photography, Film, and Art

This course is an art history course, which integrates the stylistic and technical developments in the history of photography, cinema, and painting from 1839 to the present. Emphasis is placed upon the interrelationship of aesthetic movements and the cross-fertilizing influence of the different media. Classic movies are analyzed as representative examples from film history.

Film Theory and Criticism

This course introduces terminology and methodology for the critical viewing of films. The course introduces students to the role of theory in analyzing film and allows you to practice various theories for "reading" specific films -- a fundamental element in the study of film as an art form, which reflects social, cultural, religious, economic, and aesthetic values of the periods and countries which produce the films.


12 credits may be taken as electives, including THE 304, THE 300, and ENG 419. Other relevant film courses offered by the departments of Communication, English & Foreign Languages, Theology & Philosophy, and Psychology may be taken as electives.

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