Minor in French

The French minor program is designed for students who wish to enhance their chosen field of study. Think about it, as a Barry University student you will have an excellent opportunity to study a useful international foreign language, regardless of your major. A minor in Spanish or French will:

  • Open new doors in your chosen career.
  • Enhance your knowledge of another culture.
  • Widen your horizons about values, history, and behavior in a second country.
  • Enable you to communicate in more than one language in the field of business, government, law, or international relations to communicate with clients, diplomats, and employees.
  • Provide personal health care to thousands of patients around the world if you enter the health care professions.
  • Enhance your ability to pursue job opportunities in multiple fields of communication including newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet.

Minor in French Requirements

A minor in French requires a minimum of 21 credit hours with a C or above. Students are placed in French classes according to their level of proficiency. The level of proficiency will be determined by Placement Test and by the Foreign Language faculty.

Up to six credits in French will be granted for CLEP upon completion of six credits in residence, according to placement.

Up to six credits in French at the 200-level will be granted to students passing the language and/or literature Advanced Placement examination with a score of 4 or higher.

Students will choose 21 credits from the following courses according to placement exam

  • FRE 101 Elementary French I
  • FRE 102 Elementary French II
  • FRE 199 Special Topics
  • FRE 203 Intermediate French I
  • FRE 204 Intermediate French II
  • FRE 250 Conversation and Composition
  • FRE 300 Special Topics
  • FRE 301 Advanced Conversation, Composition, and Grammar
  • FRE 302 Introduction to French Literary Texts
  • FRE 303 Advanced Conversation
  • FRE 305 Major French Authors I
  • FRE 306 Major French Authors II
  • FRE 317 Commercial French
  • FRE 325 Introduction to Translation
  • FRE 359 Independent Study
  • FRE 459 Independent Study
  • FRE 326 Introduction to Interpretation
  • FRE 379 Culture and Civilization
  • FRE 380 Contemporary Culture and Civilization
  • FRE 400 Twentieth-Century Cinema
  • FRE 440 Classicism
  • FRE 444 Eighteenth-Century Literature
  • FRE 445 Nineteenth-Century Literature
  • FRE 460 Contemporary Literature
  • FRE 461 Twentieth-Century Theatre