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Translation and Interpretation Specialization


The Translation and Interpretation major fulfills the mission of the university by offering quality education in the liberal arts tradition in an interdisciplinary fashion. It incorporates various liberal arts disciplines and responds to the changing needs of students in a multiethnic and multilingual society.


  1. Developing translation and interpretation skills in Spanish and English.
  2. Acquiring knowledge and understanding of other cultures.
  3. Connecting with other disciplines and acquiring information.
  4. Participating in multilingual communities at home and around the world.

Prospective Students

The major is designed to give students from a variety of backgrounds an opportunity to acquire knowledge of the theories, methods, and practices of translation and interpretation so they can pursue careers as translators or interpreters or engage in graduate studies in the field.

Admission Requirements

To undertake this major students must demonstrate a minimum proficiency in Spanish and English at the intermediate-high level. Proficiency will be determined by examination.


Our curriculum aims to:

  1. Enhance students' confidence in both languages by sharpening their language skills.
  2. Increase students' cultural awareness.
  3. Familiarize students with the theories, methods, and practices of translation and interpretation.
  4. Sharpen students' skills and techniques in translation and interpretation.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum grade of C is required in all courses and a 2.5 GPA. If a student earns a grade below C in any of the courses the course must be repeated.

Students must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours in courses from the following list which includes a capstone course.

Translation and Interpretation Courses (15)

  • SPA 325 Introduction To Translation
  • SPA 326 Introduction To Interpretation
  • SPA 425 Advanced Techniques Of Translation
  • SPA 426 Advanced Techniques Of Interpretation
  • SPA 487 Senior Seminar

Language Courses (12)

  • SPA 304 Advanced Spanish
  • SPA 307 Advanced Conversation
  • SPA 315 Reading and Writing I
  • SPA 316 Reading and Writing II
  • SPA 320 Structural Analysis of Spanish and English
  • SPA 317 Commercial Spanish
  • ENG 410 Advanced English Grammar
  • ENG 447 Technical & Scientific Research, Writing and Editing

Culture Courses (6)

  • SPA 333 Spanish Culture
  • SPA 335 Hispanic-American Culture

Communication Courses (3)

  • COM 304 Intercultural Communication

(COM 104 OR SPE 101 are pre-requisites for COM 304)

Minor in Spanish and the Certificate Program in Translation and Interpretation

The Spanish minor is available under two options: a) a general minor consisting of 21 credit hours in Spanish and b) the Certificate Program in Translation and Interpretation consists of 21 credit hours with the option of a 6 credit hour internship.

Up to six credits in Spanish will be granted for CLEP upon completion of six credits in residence, according to placement. The level of competency will be determined by the Foreign Language faculty.

Up to six credit in Spanish at the 200-level will be granted to students passing the language and/or literature Advanced Placement examination with a score of four or more.

Certificate Program in Translation and Interpretation

Required courses:

  • SPA 315 Reading and Writing I 3
  • SPA 316 Reading and Writing II 3
  • SPA 320 Structural Analysis of Spanish and English 3
  • SPA 325 Introduction to Translation 3
  • SPA 326 Introduction to Interpretation 3
  • SPA 425 Advanced Techniques of Translation 3
  • SPA 426 Advanced Techniques of Interpretation 3

Total: 21

Recommended courses:

  • SPA 499 Internship 3-6

Total: 24-27

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