English Major Africana Studies Minor

Johania Charles

Johania Charles, Class of 2020

During my first two years at Barry, I was unsure whether I’d major in nursing or English. As I took more English and Humanities courses, I decided to stick with English and I can honestly say that I’m very happy with that decision. As both a student and former work-study of the department, I’ve been given many opportunities to apply myself through writing web stories, leading discussions for the Tournees French Film Festival, editing, and learning new genres and styles of writing. I was also fortunate enough to be introduced to writing opportunities outside the department such as the Barry Buccaneer Newspaper and the Honors Program where I currently serve as one of the Co-editors on the student advisory board. I’ve really enjoyed taking courses like World Literary Master Pieces, Harlem Renaissance, Caribbean Literature, Introduction to Fiction, Black Women Writers and the Villain. The assigned readings and discussions taking place in these courses were very fascinating and therefore; I am grateful to have had English professors who’ve implemented academic rigor into their courses and have gone above and beyond to push me to achieve my full potential both inside and outside of the university.

English Major with a specialization in Professional Writing and a specialization in Literature

Paris Razor

Paris Razor, Class of 2019

As an English major double specializing in literature and professional writing, Barry's program has provided me opportunities to learn valuable professional experience in internships and refine my skills in writing and critical analysis through a senior capstone. What I love about Barry's English program is the attention to detail and the mentorship that Barry's English professors provide to students. I feel comfortable to speak to my professors and I'm confident that they will listen to me. I am also grateful for the amazing friendships I have with other English majors, where we support and relate to each other about our classes and challenges.

-Paris Razor, English Major with a specialization in Professional Writing and a specialization in Literature, Class of 2019