Exceptional Student Education (MS)

Do you have a passion for learning, helping people, and teaching? Do you believe you can make a difference by challenging young children to learn in spite of their disabilities? If you do, then you must explore the educational opportunities offered by the Department of Exceptional Student Education at Barry University. Graduate students choose to study ESE at Barry because:

  • There is an insufficient number of exceptional student education teachers in the southeast tri-county areas of South Florida (i.e., Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe Counties).
  • Barry's ESE programs are designed to prepare all graduate students with a quality education that is based on high standards and academic rigor. Instructional methods and course content are based on best practices and research.
  • ESE faculty is committed to helping you succeed.
  • Faculty-to-student ratio is low, with class sizes ranging from 12 to 15 students. The faculty will mentor you as you learn how to best teach and interact with children and adults with disabilities.
  • Prospective candidates who do not have a bachelor's degree in education or an initial teaching certificate may still enroll in the program and complete the required pre-requisite methods courses.
  • ESE graduates are prepared to teach across all grade levels, K-12. This means that you will be able to teach students with exceptionalities at all grade levels (elementary, middle, or high school).You will be provided opportunities to engage in authentic K-12 classroom experiences, where you can directly apply the knowledge and skills learned in the college classroom.
  • Throughout the program, you are taught effective strategies to instruct and challenge students to improve and maximize their learning potentials.

Accommodating Working Professionals

The graduate Exceptional Student Education (ESE) degree programs at Barry University are designed for working professionals by offering courses in the evening,

Special tuition rates are offered for educators. Students may also qualify for tuition reimbursement from the State of Florida and local school districts.