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Gifted Specialization

MS in ESE with a Specialization in Gifted Education
36 credits

This program is designed for teachers who have completed a bachelor's degree in an area of education and want to teach students identified as gifted and talented (K-12).

Core Gifted Endorsement Requirements 15 credits

  • ESE 518 Educating Special Gifted Populations
  • ESE 522 Guidance and Counseling of Gifted Students
  • ESE 523 Nature and Needs of the Gifted
  • ESE 534 Theory and Development of Creativity
  • ESE 535 Educational Procedures and Curriculum for Students with Gifts and Talents

Additional Requirement courses 15 credits

  • ECT 678 Technology Applications in Exceptional Student Education
  • EDR 601 Methodology of Research
  • ESE 583 Educational Assessment of Students with Exceptionalities
  • ESE 665 Collaborative Consultation and Inclusive Practices in ESE
  • ESE 670 Advanced Behavioral Management of the Exceptional Child

Electives 6 credits

Typical electives include:

  • ESE 643 Evaluation of Children with Learning Disabilities
  • EDU 590 Reading Intervention Practicum
  • EDU 614 Visionary Leadership in Education

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