Caridad Montero

Caridad Montero

Why did you choose education?

The field of education has always called my attention because it offers the opportunity to make a difference and guide someone to reach their full potential. I have always wanted to be an active part of my community and to educate the next generation.  As they always say, “Follow your dreams” and so I did.

My enthusiasm, knowledge, and passion for exceptional student education have made me an effective, caring teacher. I truly enjoy and love this field and I could not picture doing anything else with my life. Education is extremely important to me and everyone should have an equal opportunity to access education and get educated. I am a firm believer that everyone can learn and I want to make sure every child gets that opportunity whether they have a disability or not.

Why did you choose Barry?

My education means everything to me. I did not want to invest my time and finances in a university that does not invest in me. This is why I chose Barry University. At Barry, the staff and professors know me by name and they take their time to assure that I leave the classroom having full knowledge of the material.

The Adrian Dominican School of Education is phenomenal and I would recommend this school to anyone who has a passion for education and would love to leave their footprint in this field. All the people who work at Barry are highly qualified and are always willing to help. I struggled in other universities to get the education I have today because to them I was just another student. At Barry, professors truly care about your education and they go above and beyond their job description to make sure you grasp and apply everything you learn to your career.

How did Barry prepare you?

Everything I learned throughout the exceptional student education program at Barry University I have been applying it in my career. In my classroom I use all the strategies I learned to insure that I am meeting every student’s needs. All the field experiences, case studies and assignments were all quality requirements that prepared me to be the most effective teacher possible. Class discussions allowed me to see different point of views and presentations enhanced my leadership skills. All the knowledge I gained at Barry University has prepared me very well for the field of exceptional student education and being prepared gives me the confidence I need to be successful.

What are you doing with your degree?

I am the 7th grade intensive reading teacher at Mater Lakes Academy and the sponsor for two clubs. I also earned, the teacher of the year award for the 2012-2013 school year. I aspire to be an administrator in the future, conduct research, and become a professor. With my Master’s in Exceptional Student Education from Barry I am a highly qualified teacher and feel good about meeting the needs of every single student, despite his or her disability. The experience I gained at Barry has prepared me well to be an effective teacher and my scores show it. With this degree, I can rise to any challenge and make a difference in the field of exceptional student education.

Christina Ponte

Christina  Ponte

Why did you choose the field of education?

It’s funny; I think education actually chose me. Growing up, from an early age, I was involved in teaching Sunday school and youth summer camps. All through high school I was a campus ministry youth leader. I quickly realized education was meant to be my true vocation. At the young age of 19, I entered my own classroom. I was able to put all my gifts to good use. I knew I was in the right spot! I love making a difference in the lives of children and giving families hope. The true essence of teaching is realizing that I am a lifelong student. Children are amazing “teachers”. Education is ever-evolving. My career will always be exciting and new from year to year!

Why did you choose Barry?

All my prior education up through my undergraduate studies, have been in a Catholic environment. I wanted to continue my graduate studies in a faith-based university. I love that Barry is faith-based!

Another reason I chose Barry is the excellent ESE program. The program is on the cutting edge of educational practices. The advisors and teachers are extremely inviting and knowledgeable. The personal attention a student gets at Barry is one of a kind!

How did Barry prepare you?

Being a veteran teacher, Barry has really helped me fine-tune my gifts. I am currently teaching second grade at St. Rose of Lima Catholic School. The ESE program has given me knowledge and strategies to help my students achieve their goals. Even though I am only halfway through the program I feel I’ve already come very far. The professors are constantly conveying current information and research to help us improve daily. If I can help even one child with the information I’ve gained, then Barry has successfully completed its job.

What are you doing with your MS in ESE degree?

Hopefully my degree will allow me to share the knowledge I’ve gained with others. I would love to host workshops within my school to help bring awareness to others about ESE. Overall, I will implement all the strategies learned, in my own classroom. I look forward to full career in education.

Jacklyn Roberts

Jacklyn Roberts

Why I Teach

I have never had a desire to be a teacher; my mother made me do it. However, as it turned out mothers know best. When my job as a government officer did not happen, I took my mother’s advice and entered the teaching profession. I have no regrets and my passion for teaching has deepened.

I have a profound love for children and a caring heart. A teacher must love children in order to teach from the heart. I believe each child should be given the opportunity to maximize his or her potential, this is why I teach. I believe that children have rights, this is also why I teach. I teach so that each boy and girl will develop the necessary skills and attitudes so that no one can take away or deny their rights. I teach because I believe in children.

Why ESE?

The deepest pain one can experience as a teacher is the inability to help a child who has trusted you and is looking to you to help him or her defeat his or her learning difficulty. I have walked this painful road before and I don’t want to retrace my steps, so when Barry came to The Bahamas this was the answer to my prayer.

ESE can give me the ammunition I need to help students with learning difficulties. So far, the knowledge and experiences that I have gained in my courses have been inspiring, and have given me more confidence; whereby, I can now go where many teachers fear to tread. ESE is definitely for me.

Why Barry?
In two words, “Barry cares!” Many people knew that I had this burning desire to help children with difficulties, so when they heard the news about Barry coming to The Bahamas they contacted me. I am still thanking them for informing me.

When learning is diverse and fun
You are at Barry.
You know you are at Barry
When the lecturer falls to the ground with his legs in the air
Bursting with laughter like a happy puppy rolling over the floor.

You know you are at Barry
When the lecturers choked with memories of children with difficulties
Unashamedly let the tears fall and cause your tears to fall too.
You know you are at Barry
When cohorts show concern for each other’s success
Because we’re all working for one common goal.

Gloria Rodriguez

Gloria Rodriguez

Why did I choose the field of education?

As a student throughout my early education in elementary, middle, high school, and finally in college, I found myself paying curious attention to not only what was being taught, but how my teachers actually executed their classroom lessons. It seemed to me then that most of my teachers enjoyed what they were doing. I knew in my heart at that moment that I wanted to be a teacher. As a young child, I used to place my dolls and stuffed animals in rows across my bed as if to recreate the classroom setting. All of my "students" listened attentively as I taught my lessons. My imaginary classroom confirmed my desire to realize my dreams.

Why did you choose Barry?

A co-worker during one of our collaboration meetings mentioned that she was pursuing her master’s degree at Barry University. She also commented that Barry University had suggested enrolling in a couple of courses at a time, which helped her transition into the role of being a student again. Having had my colleague endorse the master’s degree program at Barry, I had no difficulty in making my choice.

What are you doing with your MS in ESE?

I will continue teaching exceptional students at my current school. Thanks to the wonderful staff and the ESE master’s program, I feel that I am well prepared and can face any challenge in the constantly changing education/special education realm.

How did Barry prepare you?

Everything I learned throughout my courses I have been able to apply in my classroom. All of the field experience requirements have truly prepared me for what I was going to continue to experience as an ESE teacher. My degree will also give me various opportunities within the district as well (outside the classroom).