Price Lists

Price List For Use Of Facilities 2011-2012 Rooms

FacilityStandard RateNon-ProfitStudent/Alumni/EmployeeSeating Capacity
Cor Jesu Chapeln/an/a$600.00175-200
Andreas 111$500.00$400.00$400.00175-200
Andreas 112$500.00$400.00$400.00175-200
Wiegand 116 East$300.00$250.00$250.00100 (theatre-style)
Wiegand 116 West$300.00$250.00$250.00100 (theatre-style)
Lehman 219$150.00$100.00$100.0015-20
Small Dining Room$125.00$75.00$75.0015-20
Multi-Media Classrooms$250.00$200.00$200.0025-35
Landon Events Room$400.00$350.00$350.00125-169

Broad Auditorium

Full Stage Event

$1,500.00/day Any event that requires use of any part of the stage house behind main drape and more advanced lighting and sound operations. Examples include theatre performances, dance recitals, or concerts.

Apron Only Event

$1,000.00/day Takes place in front of the main drape only and requires only simple light and sound operations, such as a lecture or slide show.

Non-Performance Rates

$800.00/day Rate for days used for load-in, set-up, load-out, and rehearsals.

Other Charges:

Technical Director - $25.00/hour
Light/Sound Bound Operator - $10.00/hour
Janitorial Fee for Weekday Events - $16.00/hour 4 hour min.
Janitorial Fee for weekend events - $125.00/day
Public Safety - $17.00/hour
Police Officer - $35.00/hour
Rental Fees and charges subject to Florida sales tax

Athletic Facilities

Facility Rentals Fees

Gymnasium - $1,000.00/day (8 hours) - $300 (per hour )
Hospitality Room - $75.00/day
Classroom (1, 2A, or 2B) - $150.00/day
Locker Room - $200.00/day (in conjunction with gym rental)
Athletic Training Room - $250/day (requires payment of a certified Barry Athletic Trainer at $20 per hour)

Outdoor Field Rentals

Soccer Field - $500.00/day
Field Lights - $25.00/hour
Baseball/Softball Field - $500.00/day
Baseball/Softball Field lining - $25.00/field
Baseball/Softball field charge for lights - $15.00/hour
Tennis courts w/ lights - $35.00/hour
Tennis courts w/o lights - $25.00/hour

Special Service Fees

Banner Hanging Fee - $25.00/each
Water jugs - $10.00/each
Floor Covering - Gymnasium - $350.00/day
Portable PA System/Sound System - $100.00/day
Wall Scoreboards - without operator - $35.00/day
Scoreboard / Sound Operator - $15.00/hour

Other Charges

Site Supervisor - $25.00/hour
Public Safety - $17.00/hour
Police Officer - $35.00/hour
Janitorial Fee for Weekday Events - $16.00/hour 4 hour min.
Janitorial Fee for Weekend Events - $125.00/day
Rental Fees and charges subject to Florida sales tax

Furniture and Audiovisual Equipment

TV/VCR Cart - $150.00/each
Overhead Projector - $25.00/each
Computer Video Projector - $150.00/each
Computer Video Projector w/laptop - $250.00/each
Screen Tripod - $15.00/each
Podium/Microphone - $25.00/each
Buffet Tables/Rectangular - $7.00/each
72" Round Tables - $8.00/each
Folding Chairs - $1.00/each
Slide Projector - $35.00/each
Staging (4 x 8 each) - $25.00

*All prices are subject to change.

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