Meeting Spaces

Andreas Conference Rooms

The two (2) Andreas conference rooms can accommodate up to 150-200 people. These facilities can be used for meetings, luncheons, dinners, seminars, and receptions. Andreas 111 & 112 are the largest of our conference/banquet rooms; both are over 3,000 square feet in size.

Kostka Room

The Kostka room, located on the second floor of Thompson Hall, features family-style seating and can accommodate up to 65 people. It can be used for meetings, luncheons, dinners, and receptions. There is a built-in podium and microphone in the room.

Lehman 219

The Lehman conference room can accommodate groups of 15-20 people. It is equipped with a fixed projection screen and whiteboard. The room is generally in a conference-style setup. It is ideal for small meetings and group discussions.

Small Dining Room

The Small Dining Room (formerly Priests’ Dining Room) can accommodate groups between 15-20 people in size. It can best be described as an informal lounge, with two round tables and mini-sofas. It works best for meetings or small banquets.

Health and Sports Center - Gymnasium

The University gymnasium holds various types of events athletic games, karate tournaments, graduations, etc. is facility is approximately 14,820 square feet of gymnasium floor. It has a built in bleachers on both sides, and a public announcement system is also available. Departments wishing to reserve the gym for special events should plan in advance and plan on working around the schedule of our athletic teams.

Broad Center for the Performing Arts

The Broad Center is a fully equipped 979 seat auditorium. Standard reservation includes use of the auditorium, lobby area, restrooms. The Broad Auditorium is usually in use during the academic year for Fine Arts classes and major University events only. Departments wishing to reserve the auditorium should plan on requesting dates when classes are not in session, or during the summer months.

Classroom Space

If there are no meetings rooms open on the date and time you need, there are classrooms available to accommodate small and large groups of people. Conference & Event Services works in cooperation with the Office of the Registrar to reserve classrooms for meetings and events.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor Areas can and should also be reserved through the web request form. The University hosts a variety of events in various locations, such as the Mall Area in front of the Chapel, Thompson Plaza, and the Chapel Deck. Conference & Events services can arrange most of the services you will need for outdoor events, such as tables and chairs, tents, and sound equipment.