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Art History Minor

What is a minor in Art History?

The Art History minor consists of 21 credits of Art History coursework, including ART 329 (World Art I), ART 330 (World Art II), and an additional 15 credits of elective Art History courses. This minor is recommended for students seeking to complement a major in the performing arts, history, literature, or foreign languages. More generally, the minor is recommended for any student who wishes to develop new skills and enrich their lives in relation to great art and architecture, from a variety of cultures from the past and the present.


ART 329World Art I: to 14003 credits
ART 330World Art II: since 14003 credits


ART 114Art Appreciation3 credits
ART 320History of Western Art II3 credits
ART 408Medieval Monuments3 credits
ART 409Renaissance Art 3 credits
ART 410 Age Of Rembrandt3 credits
ART 41119th Century3 credits
ART 41720th Century3 credits
ART 423Contemporary Art3 credits
PHO 420History of Photography3 credits
PHO 421History of Photo/Film/Art3 credits

Course descriptions

ART 114 – Art Appreciation Back to table
An introduction to the study of art using examples from prehistory to the contemporary world. The course will emphasize how to analyze art critically by introducing the student to the foundations of visual form, such as color theory, perspective, the various media, etc. It will also serve as an introduction to the methods and practice of art history as a discipline, in order to understand historical art and architecture. The course is designed to create a foundation for intermediate and advanced art history courses.

ART 320 – History of Western Art II Back to table
The chronological study of Western art from the Renaissance period through the nineteenth century to modern and postmodern art. Emphasis upon stylistic and technical developments within the historical and cultural setting. (ART 319 is not a prerequisite)

ART 329 - WORLD ART I: TO 1400 Back to table
An introduction to early-modern and modern art history through the chronological study of key works of visual culture from throughout the world since 1400. The course will range from Mona Lisa to Japanese anime, from the Taj Mahal to Gauguin in Tahiti, and from contemporary films and videos to the art being made in the U.S. by African-Americans and by Iranian, Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants. Emphasis will be placed on the historical rise and dominance of the West beginning in the Renaissance, concurrent with the flowering of the Aztec and Inca cultures, the Ottoman empire and the Ming Dynasty, the artistic influences exchanged back and forth in the West’s interactions with Africa and Asia, and the emergence of new visual media in the modern world and the growth of artistic multiculturalism. ART 329 is not a prerequisite.

ART 330 - WORLD ART II: SINCE 1400 Back to table
Opportunity for independent research in art history on a topic of special interest to the student. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior status; 2.50 cum GPA; and all paperwork to be completed before the end of the semester preceding the Independent Study. Dean and Department Chair approval required. For majors only.

ART 408 – Medieval Monuments Back to table
Romanesque and Gothic art and architecture, at the height of the Middle Ages. The cathedral as the dominant artistic and cultural expression of the era will be stressed, plus the art and architecture of chivalry, the castle, the monastery, and the innovations of the Late Gothic period.

ART 409 – Renaissance Art Back to table
Art and architecture of the Renaissance in relation to the political and social structures of the 15th and 16th centuries. Emphasis upon the Italian Renaissance, with Northern Renaissance art also covered.

ART 410 - Art in the Age of Rembrandt Back to table
European art and architecture from 1600-1700, during the Baroque era. Emphasis upon the achievements of Rembrandt, Vermeer, Caravaggio, Bernini, Rubens and Velazquez, in relation to social and intellectual developments, plus the innovations in architecture and the dominance of Versailles.

ART 411 - 19TH Century European Art Back to table
Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, and Post-Impressionism in European art studied in relation to social and intellectual developments.

ART 417 - 20TH Century Art Back to table
Art and architecture in Europe and America from Fauvism and Cubism at the beginning of the century to Postmodernism at the end. The multiculturalism of recent art will be emphasized.

ART 423 – Contemporary Art Back to table
Examination of mixed media painting, sculpture, craft, installation and performance art, and architecture, from 1960 to the present.

PHO 420 - History of Art/Photography Back to table
An art history overview of the evolution of photography from its invention in the 1820’s up to contemporary experimental work.

PHO 421 – History of Photography, Film & Art Back to table
Integration of the stylistic and technical developments in the history of photography, cinema and painting from 1839 to the present. Emphasis upon the interrelationship of aesthetic movements and cross-fertilizing influence of the different media. Analysis of classic movies as representative examples from film history. 

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