Studio Art Minor

What is a minor in Studio Art?

The Studio Art minor consists of 21 credits of Art courses, including ART 101A, ART 101B, ART 204 or ART 260, and 12 additional credits of Art elective courses, which could include any Studio Art, Graphic Design or up to 3 credits of Photography. This minor is recommended for any student who wants to expand their individual creativity and enhance their creative abilities through visual arts courses. A Studio Art minor is complementary to many majors including business, communications, computer science, psychology, theatre, and theology.


ART 101A Basic Drawing3 credits
ART 101B2D Design3 credits


ART 204Color Foundations3 credits
ART 260Basic Painting I3 credits


ART 102B3D Design3 credits
ART 141Basic Handbuilding 3 credits
ART 204Color Foundations3 credits
ART 205Graphic Design Foundations3 credits
ART 241Basic Potter’s Wheel3 credits
ART 260Basic Painting I3 credits
ART 265Basic Painting II3 credits
ART 334Sculpture 3 credits
ART 340Handmade Books3 credits
ART 342Directed Study Ceramics3 credits
ART 364Figure Studies3 credits
ART 365Directed Study Painting/Drawing3 credits
ART 367The Art of Web Design I3 credits
ART 450Collage3 credits
ART 467The Art of Web Design II3 credits
ART 487Professional Practices in Art3 credits
PHO 203Basic Photography3 credits
PHO 206Digital Photography3 credits
PHO 305Computer Imaging I3 credits
PHO 405Advanced Computer Imaging3 credits

Course descriptions

ART 101A Basic Drawing Back to table
Introduction to basic drawing materials, techniques, and concepts focusing on still life as subject matter. (Special fee)

ART 101B 2-D Design Back to table
Introduction to basic two-dimensional design concepts, theory and techniques through the study of the principles and elements of art. Color theory and linear perspective will be introduced. (Special fee)

ART 102B 3-D Design Back to table
Introduction to the theory, concepts, and creation of three-dimensional art through a variety of building processes, materials, and techniques. (Special fee)

ART 141 Basic Handbuilding Back to table
Introduction to clay as an art medium, using traditional handbuilding techniques and basic glazing and firing processes. (Special fee)

ART 204 Color Foundations Back to table
Study of the nature and use of color as a vital element of design. Emphasis is on topics which apply directly to problems encountered with pigment; employing subtractive color theory such as pigment color mixing; physical properties of color (hue, value, and intensity); aesthetic color relationships based upon the color wheel; and uses of color to include personal aesthetic, emotional and artistic intent. ART 101B (Special fee)

ART 205 Graphic Design Foundations Back to table
An introduction to the many tools involved in the creation of professional design problems including the Macintosh platform. Students will evaluate the assignments and solve these problems using the appropriate tools. A strong focus will be placed on technology and professional presentation skills. Computer software, one, two and four-color printing and the artistic processes of graphic design will be explored. (Special fee)

ART 241 Basic Potter’s Wheel Back to table
Introduction to basic wheel-throwing techniques on the potter’s wheel. Students will also be introduced to glazing wheel-thrown pieces. (Special fee)

ART 260 Basic Painting I Back to table
Introduction to the painting medium with a foundation of basic color theory, application, and techniques. (Special fee)

ART 265 Basic Painting II Back to table
A continuation of the study of basic painting materials and techniques with emphasis on the seeing and painting of value, color, and composition. Prerequisite:ART 260. (Special fee)

ART 334 Sculpture Back to table
An introduction to contemporary sculpture through the development of the student’s own concepts and ideas. A variety of building processes, materials and techniques will be explored. (Special fee)

ART 340 Handmade Books, Structure and Binding Back to table
A studio based art course that creatively examines traditional and alternative book structures in relation to narrative content. This course provides an overview of methods used in the making of handmade books. Lectures, demonstrations and discussions will introduce students to creative processes involved in book making, including: traditional and alternative book archival concerns, and methods for generating original images and text. The projects in this course will explore the interdependent relationship between form and content. Repeatable course by instructor permission. (Special fee)

ART 342 Directed Studies in Ceramics Back to table
A continuation of the study of techniques in clay. Emphasis on sculptural refinement of the medium. Repeatable course. Prerequisite: ART 141 and ART 241. (Special fee)

ART 364 Figure Studies Back to table
Study of the human form in a variety of media and techniques. Repeatable course. Prerequisite: ART101A. (Special fee)

ART 365 Directed Studies in Painting and Drawing Back to table
Continued study of the painting and drawing media with emphasis on concepts, styles, and techniques. Repeatable course. Prerequisites: ART 101A, ART 101B, ART 204, ART 260, ART 265, ART 364. (Special fee)

ART 367 The Art of Web Design Back to table
A basic introduction to the art of web design used as an informational and expressive visual medium through the use of software programs. Prior knowledge of computer basics and Adobe Photoshop required. The class will cover individual creativity, design skills, web development techniques as well as discussions about digital artists, web structure and critical reviews of existing art web sites. Prerequisites: CS 180, PHO 305 equivalent courses or instructor approval. Prerequisites: ART 101B and 205. (Special fee)

ART 450 Collage Back to table
The study of the collage medium of two-dimensional art made by pasting together varying materials on a flat surface. Repeatable course. Prerequisites: ART 101A, 101B, or PHO 203 (Special fee).

ART 467 Art of Web Design II Back to table
The intent of this course is to provide an experience that integrates the design aesthetics learned in the graphic design into this web design course. In addition to reinforcement of design principles learned in previous design coursework, the use of current industry standard software products and end-to-end web site construction will be explored. The implementation of kinetic graphics as they are being used in the advertising and design industries will be an important component to this course of study. This course will place heavy focus on design principles, kinetic type, navigation and the visual interface of the website. Prerequisite:ART 367 (Special fee)

ART 487 Senior Seminar: Prof Practices in Art Back to table
Integrative experience for senior Art Majors with a focus on preparation for the Senior Exhibition and development of professional skills to prepare students for graduate school and/or the art and design world. Prerequisite: graduation status.

PHO 203 Basic Photography Back to table
An introduction to photography with emphasis placed upon technical, aesthetic, and historical perspectives of this fine art medium. Camera and black and white darkroom procedures are explored. Adjustable camera required; limited number of rental cameras available.(Special fee)

PHO 206 Digital Photography I Back to table
An introduction to digital camera operation, to include manipulation of shutterspeeds and apertures as well as basic computer techniques. Emphasis is placed upon technical, aesthetic and historical perspectives of the medium of photography and digital photography as a fine art. Digital camera required (minimum of 4 Mega Pixels with shutterspeed and aperture priority options). For non-majors only. Prerequisite: CS 180 or equivalent. (Special fee)

PHO 305 Computer Imaging I Back to table
Students explore the usage of the computer to make and manipulate photographic images. Tools and techniques include color balancing, painting, cloning, text, and making composite photographs. Prerequisite: CAT 101 or 102 or CS 180 or equivalent. (Special fee)

PHO 405 Advanced Digital Imaging Back to table
A refined study of digital manipulation through the use of image editing software. More complex layer techniques, use of scanner as an input device, various source materials and non-traditional presentations are explored. Discussions will include aesthetics and ethics of using digitally modified images. Prerequisites:PHO 305 and PHO 206 or PHO 313. (Special fee)