Music Education Specialization

Sacred Music Specialization

Perform works from cantatas, oratorio, sacred choral repertoire, and interfaith celebrations

The Music Education Specialization is designed for individuals who would like to share their passion for music to others.  This degree combines the music core and performance opportunities with education courses from the School of Education to prepare you classroom teaching and state certification.  This specialization develops leadership skills along with musicianship.

Music Education Specialization/BM: 65 cr. min. for BM

The Music Education Specialization combines the Music Core (44 cr.) and music electives (3 cr.)  with a Professional Training Option (PTO) program including (18) credits from the School of Education.

BM in Music Education– 65 credits total

44 credits of Music Core
18 credits of Education (PTO) Co-requisites
3 credits of Electives

Music Education Core: 44 cr. for BM degree
MUS 109Theory I3 cr.
MUS 110Theory II3 cr.
MUS 135Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 136Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 186Ensemble (1 credit – 3 times)2 cr.
MUS 211Theory III 3 cr.
MUS 212Theory IV

3 cr.

MUS 287Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 288Applied Music

2 cr.

MUS 327History: Baroque and Classical3 cr.
MUS 328History: Romantic Music3 cr.
MUS 329History: 20th Century Music3 cr.
MUS 384Conducting I2 cr.
MUS 385Conducting II2 cr.
MUS 386Chamber Ensemble1 cr.
MUS 386Ensemble (1 credit – 3 times)

3 cr.

MUS 476Methods in Music Education3 cr.
MUS 497Senior Seminar1 cr.

Education (PTO) Co-requisites: 18 cr. for BM degree

EMC 202Designing Curriculum3 cr.
EDU 221Child Development3 cr.
EDU 322Methods of Teaching Reading

3 cr.

EDU 371Instructional Strategies3 cr.
EDU 372Inclusionary Settings3 cr.
EDU 451Engaging Learners in Classroom3 cr.

Music Education Electives: minimum of 3 cr. for BM degree

MUS 192 Performance Workshop

2 cr.

MUS 326Electronic Music/MIDI3 cr.
MUS 335Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 338Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 340Sightsinging/Eartraining1 cr.
MUS 386Ensemble

1 cr.

MUS 392Performance Workshop2 cr.
MUS 487Applied Music2 cr.
MUS 490Applied Music

2 cr.