The Twelfth Night Project

In this modernized version of Twelfth Night, directed by Dr. Hugh M. Murphy, the play’s setting is moved from Illyria to New Orleans and from Shakespearean England to the period around The Summer of Love. The set design, by Carbonell winner Sean McLelland, will feature black wrought iron, weathered wood and Bougainvillea, depicting a late 1960s New Orleans. The costumes, by Larry Baumann, will incorporate both sixties and Elizabethan elements with hippie-esque wear and Shakespearean swords. Fourteen Barry undergraduate students retold Shakespeare’s story through popular contemporary hits, such as Amy Winehouse’s Rehab and Flo Rida’s remix of(You Turn Me) Right Round.

Directed by Hugh Murphy
October 2009
Broad Center for Performing Arts


  • David Goll
  • Mary Sansone
  • Karl Liggin
  • Steve Hunter Turnier
  • Joe Banno
  • Derrick Vargas
  • Mcley Lafrance
  • Natasha Fenellipe
  • Giordan Diaz
  • Naja Corbett
  • Jason DeWitt
  • Donzell Williams
  • Alex Musibay
  • Eric Sanchez
  • Camorette James
  • Joshua Jackson
  • Joe Banno


The Twelfth Night Project
The Twelfth Night Project

The Twelfth Night Project
The Twelfth Night Project