Interfaith Prayer Service & Core Commitments Luncheon

Founders' Week Interfaith Prayer

Friday, November 16

Andreas 111

12:00 - 1:30pm

Join us for an Interfaith Prayer Service and Core Commitments Mission-in-Action Luncheon. At noon, prior to the luncheon, an Interfaith Prayer Service will be held. The luncheon following includes presentations from faculty and students highlighting collaborate projects that demonstrate our Core Commitments and how Barry puts its Mission into Action!

Project:  Transforming One Community at a Time
In collaboration with a community-based agency, an elementary school, and residents of Liberty City, undergraduate and graduate students from the School of Social Work strategically developed a program which offers individual, family, and group counseling, educational programs, and community renewal projects.  The students’ engagement with the community is documented through a video presentation.

Project: The Immortal Life: A Collaborative Theater Presentation
Utilizing the techniques of Augusto Boal, students in TH 300 (Theatre for Social Change) will present a dramatization of the common reader, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.  Students will tell the story of Henrietta Lacks through techniques such as collaborative dramaturgy, narrative distancing and the use of audience participation as a collaborative force.

Please RSVP for lunch before Thursday, November 14.

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