Campus Life

Campus Life

How would you like to enjoy the year-round warm South Florida weather, revel in the success of Barry’s sports teams, interact with other students in the classroom, and still find the time to become active members of the local community‚Ķall at the same time?

At Barry University, Students Participate in more than 60 student organizations including student government, fine arts groups, student media, fraternities and sororities, community service groups, honor societies, and professional organizations.

We encourage you to become an engaged citizen, and give you many ways to accomplish this. For example, Barry offers service learning opportunities as part of the general education curriculum, providing ways to enrich your educational experience through community assistance. As a part of the service learning experience, you’ll help out at local homeless shelters, and support public assistance agencies and community coalitions.

Beyond these classes, undergraduates and graduates alike have dedicated thousands of hours to projects within the community and outside the region. You may choose to paint homes for senior citizens, aid in a reef cleanup or volunteer over Spring Break to rebuild communities devastated by a natural disaster or poverty. Our graduate students have traveled as far as the Yucatan to provide humanitarian relief.

When you find yourself at Barry University, you’ll learn not only from the classroom but also from those that you serve.