Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Go ahead. Express yourself. After all, that’s what you’re here for. Just as your education is an expression of who you would like to become, so too is what you do outside the classroom.

At Barry University, there are more than 60 student organizations and honor societies offering ways to express yourself, grow, learn and connect through the arts, cultural and religious clubs, Greek life and more.

The diversity of organizations and clubs you’ll find on campus will give you the chance to take the lessons you learn outside the classroom and make them a part of your overall education experience.

That will hold true whether you’re volunteering for community-based projects, joining a Greek organization, exposing your hidden talent through dance or broadcasting on WBRY, Barry’s radio station. What’s more, the student-run Campus Activities Board (CAB) is always developing exciting campus-wide events, giving you every opportunity to get involved with the planning of a variety of programs that you want to explore.

Building community, expanding cultural enrichment, and developing leadership skills; these are all an expression of the overall experience you’ll have at Barry University.